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Custom Growth Group’s Services

Custom Growth Group’s services focus on strategies for getting and keeping customers. Clients come to us because the frustrated with their efforts and lack of knowledge and know-how when it comes to marketing. Check out the services

Event Marketing

Creating an acquisition strategy for searching for clients at events.

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Strategy Creation for your business — What we do is create a ‘holistic’ marketing strategy for your business. This starts with a look at what you are doing and what you have done. It looks at what has worked for you and for others in your industry. Your business needs a comprehensive marketing strategy. If […]

Training Services

Expect hands-on training sessions, in areas such as social media training, marketing skills, email campaigns, etc.

Business Coach

No matter your challenge –

Time management skills, Focus skills, Personal and business goal development, Missing business foundational pieces.

All your goals will be set forth and brought to fruition.

Marketing Coach

Marketing strategy and development includes Custom Growth Groups signature tool The Marketing To-do Checklist.


Suzan David

She listened to me and helped me to clarify
exactly what I wanted for my business, and then to outline strategies in order to pursue those goals.

I recommend her as a coach and I recommend her as a customer retention specialist. She is focused on both retaining customers and finding new ones based on relationships. She helped me get "unstuck" and helped me get new business!

Joan Follmann

I was thinking about participating in Wedding Shows in the Memphis area. Just the thought of all that would go into it had me overwhelmed. How was I going to quickly and effectively follow up with each bride after the show?

Gina quickly saw how frustrated I was and let me know that it would be all right.

She coached me through the process of setting up a follow-up system and then quickly trained me on how the system was going to work. This marketing strategy allows me to keep in touch with the brides, by creating multiple touchpoints over a year by sending cards and quarterly email newsletters to the brides to give them advice and tips on making their day wonderful.

I came away from the sessions I had with her calm and ready to tackle the wedding season. I recommend Gina to help you with your business.

Wy Woods Harris

Gina is a catalyst for my working through some goal setting issues and has shown effective coaching skills to help me review and rewrite some of my mission and goals. Thank you for the opportunity to share my blogs and for your support in mentoring.

Mike Kopp

I've used Send Out Cards for the past three years and find it to be a valuable resource for thanking my customers for their business and referrals. So much better than a Hallmark card since you can personalize it with your own wording and even your own uploaded pictures. Any time I need help in designing or implementing a card, Gina is there to walk me through it. She's been very valuable in helping me grow my business.
Mike Kopp
Discount Window Treatments
Mason, TN

Bruce Upchurch

I met Gina in a networking group a few years back. She introduced me to Send Out cards, a program that allows me to keep in contact with my customers. She is always trying to share new ideas of how to be a little bit more professional. I like the way Gina is always trying to stretch herself by getting outside her comfort zone. Learning the art of communication thru touch points is key to maintaining good clients. She is always reminding us how important it is to follow up with our clients. If you have the chance, get to know Gina. You will learn something about the art of communicating with your clients.
Bruce Upchurch

Brandon H

Send Out Cards is a great way to follow up with your clients. Gina Davis makes it easy to use. She's friendly and very knowledgeable of the product.

Kevin Cook

Special thanks to Gina Davis & Send Out Cards.! Its pretty nice to get calls, thanking us for the thank you's... There are various uses for this service and I can't speak highly enough! Awesome!

Wy Woods Harris

Gina Davis gave me the encouragement to meet my passion to write at least one article per month during the last three months of 2013, so my gratitude to Gina grows daily with her giving and gifts of encouragement!

Beverly Borwick

Gina is a highly-professional representative for SendOutCards. She is very detail-oriented and personable. Gina is a great communicator and clearly describes and defines her customer follow-up system.

Cheryl Hurley

Gina Davis of Custom Growth Group knows the importance of communication. Though she’s a client of mine, she sends me cards regularly, congratulating me on an accomplishment or offering her help in networking or connecting. Gina most certainly stands out from the noise in my inbox by understanding that everyone loves mail. It shows you’re worth thought and effort! I highly recommend using Gina to help your business communications, especially if you’re in a consulting or contracting business.