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10 Business Blog Writing Prompts – Part 1

Tell this story - Writing prompts for business, Part 1

Tell this story - Writing prompts for business, Part 1


I am delighted to be writing again. As a result, I am always searching for interesting and smart blog topics.  Business blog writing prompts should have:


Topics that

-are interesting,

-teach something, and/or

-express an idea.



There are countless lists of blog topics. These lists are often geared towards a generic or personal type of writing and blogging.  A considerable number of them have a varied list of blog topics.  From these I am able to brainstorm ideas that I can use in my blog. My expertise is as a Follow-up and Building Better Relationship Expert. I blog about business topic that brand me. People in business need to be persuasive. Only it is not your product or service you are selling, it is yourself.  Your goal is to persuade the potential client that you are likable and trustworthy.  In conclusion, we know Branding is important and persuasive blogging is a great way to do that. Be persuasive, 10 business writing prompts for blogging.

  1. What famous business person would you shadow for the day? Why would be beneficial?
  2. Facebook for business or not?
  3. Do you think a business bucket list is important? Why?
  4. Environmental concerns: Who is responsible for implementing positive environmental action in your business?
  5. Small town/area business vs global business?
  6. Is there a business or personal development book, that you think should be required reading for every business person/entrepreneur?
  7. Hiring baby boomers in your business.
  8. Mentoring and your business
  9. Happy Healthy Employees = Happy Healthy Business
  10. Is collaboration an effective tool to grow your business?


Share your persuasive writing here. Blog links, Facebook or Linkedin post can be included here. disclaimer: bad or unsafe links will be removed.