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10 Business Writing Prompts – Part 2

business writing prompts

This week is the last week of my annual Holiday Craze. One of the products and services I offer are Holiday Greeting Cards. If you read my other blogs.. you know I am in partnership with SendOutCards, a DIY Greeting & Gift website. This is a great tool for both business & families all year around. Especially if you want to get out Holiday cards. These are cards that are mailed for you to your family, friends, business associates and clients. Several clients engage my services and have me take care of their cards for my time investment.

business writing prompts

Because I still have Holiday cards to get out for several clients, including mine, this will be a follow up blog on business writing prompts. Part 1 gave you 10 persuasive writing prompts.

This ten are expository writing prompts. What is that? For each of these 10 prompts write a descriptive prose. It should go into details, explain and inform. It can and I recommend should be illustrative.

On to the 10 writing prompts:
  1. What is in your business bucket list?
  2. What does ‘collaboration’ means to you and/or business.
  3. The worst business mistake you ever made.
  4. List objections to buying your product or service; answer these objections.
  5. How do you stay refreshed at work?
  6. What is the most rewarding part of your business?
  7. What is the least rewarding part of your business?
  8. What is your business style?
  9. What business success (of this year)(since you started your business) are you most proud of
  10. What cause would you and your business actively support?

The last question is Why? You might also answer What, How, When if they are appropriate for the question.


I want to hear how you are thinking outside of the box? Did you do something this Holiday either in your business or personal life, you haven’t done before? Did you try a new marketing tactic? Did you try a new recipe? Tell how you think outside of the box.

If you have made it this far, please share this blog and/or comment below on this blog.

Until next time,
Take time to live a life that inspires you!