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5 Minutes to Renew and Refresh

renew and refresh

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Do you block out the time in your busy schedule, to renew and refresh yourself? ‘In the past, I’ve attended those ‘pep rally’ type of events. They are great! Except that high last as long as, the drive home in horrible traffic’, says my friend Carolyn Bendall. I understand exactly what she means. Where is the core, the practical application, that I can take home and continually work towards? A practical set of tools to continue to grow myself or my business.

renew and refresh

Carolyn Bendall, Your True Colors co-hosted with Debra Norwood, The Laughter Lawyer, an outstanding event; The CourageMakers – People of Faith in a Climate of Doubt. The time was an excellent day spent. With topics covering ‘overcoming obstacles’ to becoming more involved and advocating for the underprivileged. There were laughter exercises and we learned why laughter is the best medicine. Lastly, yet the best, we took away practical applications to continue grow, renew and refresh ourselves.

Here is my own spin on what this conference meant to me. One of the speakers, Jennifer Williams Fields, Living a Joyful Life mentioned that it’s a necessity, taking time for yourself. Even the basics, drink water and eating healthy are critical. As a business owner and a woman that is never more evident. There are times we need help finding our strength and in particular being able to accept that help.  We truly need to develop the habit of being receptive. The ability to accept help and work towards self awareness, leads to change.pep rally



‘…those ‘pep rally’ type of events. They are great! Except that high last as long as, the drive home in horrible traffic’ ~ Carolyn Bendall

Why is it important to find ways to renew and refresh, that build that core strength for a more resilient you. If you are like me, potentially you are running your household, whether alone or with a partner, managing kids & pets, running a business, managing employees, and/or doing one of the hundreds of task that must be taken care each and every day.  We know that list can be endless. Because we do so much, it is critical that we value, time for ourselves.

CourageMaker Tip: Resilience → optimism → healthier → longevity → wealthier

In this fast paced society, no wonder our lives remain stressful. During the work day, there is no time to stop and soak in a tub.  Consequently, what options are there for alleviating the stress. Can we move through our day a little easier, knowing we have coping techniques?


5 minutes to Renew and Refresh

Becoming frustrated during the workday does not promote a successful workday. When your day does not go as planned, a phone conversation quickly dissolves into a heated exchange of words, lost data, missing packages, etc. eventually you will lose it. We know getting angry doesn’t solve anything, nevertheless we are human. Anger, frustration and other darker emotions have to be productively managed.

I can’t let these distractions interrupt my workday. What I’ve done is found productive diversions. Taking 5 – 15 minute with laughter, meditation, etc. to move me past the emotions caused by the negative disruption of my workday. We shouldn’t just ignore the situation. Just as my Daddy would say, ‘Count to 10, Honey.’ Counting to the proverbial 10 with a positive diversion allows me to persevere past the interruptions and/or emotions. Quickly moving past it, now that I have refreshed and renewed myself.

For me, Laughter is one of the best medicine. This old adage never is wrong.

Here are activities, that I do to move past those situations.

Writing my 5 Successes for the week – I have done this in the past. Much to my dismay, it falls to the wayside. I was reminded of this excellent tip at CourageMakers. My favorite place to write my success, plus journal is with Penzu (*af).

I love the minions. They are so funny. I picked up the Despicable Me: Minion Rush game for mobile. A quick race and I’m laughing at the antics of my racing minion character. Maybe the minions don’t tickle your funny bone, maybe you’re more of a Bart Simpson’s humorist. There are tons of options, find one, keep your play time short and then it’s back to work.

I’m also a HUGE HUGE fan of Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and Amy, indeed the whole cast tickles my funny bone. It is easy for me to relate to them. Yes that’s me a bit of a nerd. For me, finding funny Sheldon/Amy quotes or outtakes from the series fills me with the best feelings – Laughter, humor leaves a glow of well-being.

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Looking for websites that are inspirational. Maybe a there is a blogger that you enjoy reading.  My Fave Websites:

  • Popular ScienceTechnology, Science, The Future Now – The future is important and I especially like publications, even TV Shows (Star Trek) and Movies that present a positive future.
  • HappifyKeep Your Brain Happy & Healthy.The Science of Happiness · Conquer Negative Thoughts – This is my go-to site; with fun that reinforce positivity. Meditation exercise. Brain fuel. It’s worth the cost after your free trial.
  •  Pinterest – What is there NOT to Love about Pinterest – I Pin about my business, fashion (I’m a style diva), Geek Stuff (I’m a geek and nerd at heart), etc.

My Fave Bloggers


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