Achieving Your Business Goals with Content Curation

business goals through content curation

business goals through content curation


I want to get baked…. Not that kind… but the kind where you soak up knowledge. For me there is nothing better than finding a great writer, blog or website that has well written, outstandly interesting content. I’m going to grab that up as a resource every time. Content curation in of itself is not the goal, but using it as a tool for your business goals is a viable solution. 


Can you achieve your business goals with content curation?

This series has given me the opportunity to gather resources on the a multitude of options for curating content.  It has also lead me to find exceptional bloggers and thought provoking articles.  This blog is the 3rd in this series. The first one, looks at retention and using content curation as a tool. The 2nd one in this series, was by guest blogger, Anna Fox from the MyBlogU community and she gave a list of resources to curate content on and from.



First determine your goal?

What is your goal for curating content? Just as you create long reaching goals for the success of your company. One of those steps is breaking the long range goals into micro bites. Curating Content can be a smaller step of a larger goal. Here are potential goal ideas.

Listening for what is being said

  • about your product and identitybusiness goals
  • about your competition
  • about your industry’s’ influencers

Listening for what

  • those influencers are saying
  • is trending

Your goal might be to

  • Gain knowledge
  • Impart knowledge
  • Drive traffic
  • Increase awareness


What are the expected end results?

Once you determine the preferred outcome of your business goals, do you have a plan in place to measure the results? More than just curating content, we need ways to:

  • listen for our topics
  • find those topics
  • share those topics
  • monitor the results
  • determine the return on investment

As you can see I skip, ‘Planning Your Goal’, a crucial step in the goal process.  Need help with this or any detail of the goal setting process? Custom Growth Group offers a complimentary session for jumpstarting your goals?

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That being said, what if your business is a startup or you’re getting started. What if your budget small or nil. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an advocate for paying people what they deserve for their products and services. As a sole entrepreneur, I’m the one that brings in the income and in turn pays for services.  Therefore, it’s critical that I’m highly selective. Even small to large businesses need a decision maker. That person who investigates whether the product or service results in a return on investment that is worthy of the initial and continued expense.

 That investment can be time, money and/or energy. One of the ways I determine if it’s a worth one of those three investments, is to determine if this a basic expense, an investment in my business or does it just look pretty?

  • Basic expenses are those tasks you prefer to avoid or you’re unable to perform
    • my accountant/cpa are basic expenses.
  • Investing in your business are items that further the growth of your business
    • my business coach is an investment

Curating content is something I can do myself. It requires an investment of time and energy on my part. Yet determining the results is not necessarily something I want to figure out or can do by myself.  A form of measurement should be included. Typically this can be found in a tool/plugin or website that offers that service. Yet finding the right tool to help me in all aspects, may mean I need to pay for services. Ultimately, the decision hinges on what is affordable and which tool is the right one for the application.

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think outside the box


Step outside of the box

Lastly, let’s contemplate content curation from a different perspective. Are there unconventional opportunities for content curation?

Know this, I’m all about stepping outside of my comfort zone or in this case outside the box. I felt that this undertaking would be a novel and interesting way to find useful alternate ways for content curation.  Next I will

  1. Identify applications for curated content, past social sharing
  2. Identify lesser known monitoring tools (featured in a future blog)
  3. Identify lesser known curation tools (featured in a future blog)

Before I go any further there are a large number of topics on this subject. Check out the list at the bottom..

Identify applications for curated content, past sharing on social media

  • Community shares of content
  • Email marketing
  • Roundups, posted as a blog –
  • Pinterest boards is an excellent resource to save/share articles for later
    • tip: create a ‘Save for later’ board, make it private. Curate content into this board for later shares.
  • Slideshare are seeing a large increase, another resource for roundups.
  • Online magazines – there are a plethora of ways to create online magazine
  • Automate your favorite blogs to curate content – Zapier, IFTTT, helps you make connections between channels that you use.
    • tip: have a favorite blogger you share; automate new blogs to be delivered.

Watch for the next blogs in the series, to cover topics on resources for content curation – tools, roundups, etc.

Have you found an outside the box tool, resource or a way to implement, use, share your content curation? Let us know and we will include it in our subsequent blogs in this series.