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Amy Lynn Andrews: Follow Experts to Grow Your Business

Who are the Experts you Follow? Check out Expert Blogger - Amy Lynn Andrews.

As a new blogger I looked for established bloggers to follow. I have my areas of expertise, Follow-Up by Building Better Relationship, yet there were areas I had  little or no expertise in. Growing relationships with other similar bloggers would expand my knowledge. I could learn from them, gain more wisdom and use existing guides to grow my business.

One of the areas I lacked knowledge, was WordPress and website development. I am a DIY type person. Educating myself means I know when I can do it myself or when it is better to hire someone to do it for me. For example, I have a basic knowledge of business finances, but I DO NOT want to handle my own finances.

Because this is the 4th blog of the month, I will be doing something a little different. I want to introduce you to some of the bloggers I follow.

Future 4th blog’s will be the home of special event blogs, such as

  • Giveaways, hosted for other bloggers & business.
  • Guest Bloggers – people that have expertise that I don’t do and are willing to share it.
  • Expert Bloggers – People that I follow.

My first expert is Amy Lynn Andrews, her expertise is running a blog and making money from it.Who are the Experts you Follow? Check out Expert Blogger - Amy Lynn Andrews.

Quote from Amy Lynn, ‘Whenever I tell people I blog for a living, or when I talk about blogging and websites in general, there are questions.

Growing your business in various ways is important. Blogging can establish you as the expert in your field. As I am the Expert for Follow-Up by Building Better Relationship. Amy Lynn is the Expert I used to learn how to run a successful blog.

Her content covers a span of topics, from ‘How to’s’ & ‘What is’. Subjects, such as SEO, affiliate marketing, mastermind groups, and every aspect of blogging. From ‘Blogging is Like Ice Cream’ to ‘How the Internet can kill your Blog’ are just one of the many, many topics Amy Lynn covers.

‘Blogging success largely depends on relationships. -from WHY YOU SHOULD BE PART OF A MASTERMIND GROUP’

Amy Lynn delivers information via email in a newsletter called – The Useletter. Her newsletter was the catalyst for making the changes I made to my newsletter in January, 2014.


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Who are the Experts you Follow?


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