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Are your business consultants smarter than a 5th grader?

business consultants

Every new and established entrepreneur should have 3 types of business consultants that they seek advice with. Surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than you has numerous advantages.

The first time I heard that, I was puzzled and definitely didn’t understand. Why is it to my advantage to surround myself with people that are smarter than me? Don’t misread me, I have no problem with people being smart, even smarter than me. I just wasn’t sure how that helped me.

business consultants

Are your business consultants smarter than a 5th grader?

An advisor at that time explained it to me, ‘Everyone can not be an expert at everything. There are areas you are an expert on, certain ones that you aren’t and other areas no doubt you have no desire to be an expert in. In those instances, you need a business consultant that is smarter than you; one who imparts their knowledge to help you continue to grow yourself and your business.’

Consider where you are in life, are you still striving for goals in your personal or business life? Maybe it’s increasing your income or maybe it’s building a strong relationship with your spouse.

Stop and reflect on the people you associate with. Regardless if it’s your personal life or business one, often their circumstances will be similar to yours. Yet, to develop and grow, you need people in your life that have experience that you don’t know.

Looking back at my business birth and growth, the times I have seen vast growth, is when a person smarter than me enter my business life and help me move past challenges. Have you seen that?

For me the key 3 past, present & future:

  1. Coach – business, life, sales,
  2. Financial people – CPA, bookkeeper, investments, attorney
  3. Internet people – Web designer, SEO expert, social media expert

My favorite way to explain: I’m a bit past – fair to middling with numbers, however I have little patience for them. Hiring a CPA and bookkeeper became my first priority after I started receiving income.  Look at it this way, it is to my advantage to spend my time in areas, where I have the most knowledge and wisdom. Leaving those areas, I’m not great at, to an expert.
In another example, I have a degree in Computer Engineering.. my life definitely took another track. Nevertheless, I’m still enthusiastic about Technology today. I enjoy learning, tinkering and DIY in several technology based areas, including the Internet. My website is one place I like to be hands on, yet I comprehend my limitations. Therefore, I have a web designer and SEO expert on retainer.


That’s when I began to see, that having people smarter than me in areas, I have little time, inclination or just plain don’t want to do is extremely advantageous. I’m an expert at customer acquisition and retention. And yes, I dabble in various side areas. Still there are countless areas I look to the experts in both my business and personal life. What about you?

You’re thinking, ‘Wait! I’m one of those key people.’ I firmly believe this still applies to you. Every person is at a different phase of their personal and business life. The same principle applies, find a person that has extensive experience that can continue to advise as you grow. If you ask, they will assuredly have a mentor also. And indeed with my clients I often coach and/or consult with them. Yet, I have a business coach to direct me and keep me on track.

Is there a time in your life, where you will have no need for that smarter person in your life?

Maybe… in your Twilight years, you will be the ultimate mentor and smarter person in other people’s lives.

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  1. I appreciate your work. You delivered such a great ways about consultants. Actually there are a no. of people which suffered daily a lot problems through these consultants. Thank you for sharing.

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