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Traffic and Income Report 2nd Quarter 2015

2nd quarter traffic and income report

It’s review time again. My 2nd quarter traffic and income report looks at what I did, what needs to be tweaked, what I can keep and what new projects I want to take on.

The last traffic income report was compiled and written the first of May 2015.

2nd quarter traffic and income report
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  1. Setting the Baseline – What I did the previous time period
  2. Making Strides? – What I did this quarter
  3. What Happened – What didn’t work or needs tweaking
  4. What’s Next? – Identify trouble areas and new areas to make changes

Setting the Baseline

  • recap goals
  • traffic from previous quarter
  • sales from previous quarter

In my 1st quarter traffic report these were the goals I set for the 2nd quarter:

  1. Work on my services for website – 1st quarter a work in progress
  2. Topics on Custom Growth Group – create additional websites – new goal
  3. Increase commenting 2 – 5x a week – no stats to compare
  4. Guest blogging, once a month – 1st quarter wrote 1 blog for BOCI
  5. Long tail keywords – of the 10 blogs I posted in the 1st quarter, 5 of them used 3 or more keywords
  6. Listen for my keywords – new goal
  7. Linkedin Published pages – new goal
  8. Keep people on my website – new goal

1st quarter traffic images:

:traffic GA 1st quarter Traffic sources

As previously mentioned Jan was 1st month to work on monetizing. 1st quarter no income to report from avenues via blog & newsletter.

Making Strides – the statistics

Traffic statistics for 2nd quarter:


Direct – 1350 came via my website
Referral – 829
Organic – 537
Social – 234
Facebook 145 sessions
Stack Exchange 50 sessions – this was a new one for me.
Twitter 22 sessions

2nd quarter traffic images:


What Happened

My services – The slideshare for this has been out for review by several trusted business associates. If anyone is interested in checking it out ahead of time with the thought of giving me feedback. I would very much appreciate it. Contact me requesting the link.

Commenting – though I know I did do some commenting, I don’t think I met the 2 – 5 p/week. It would help if I kept up with my commenting to know how much it is helping. I know I have visits from websites I commented on – both Lifehacker & AmyLynnAndrews are a recocurring ones.

Google alerts – Last quarter I noticed I was getting traffic from commenting on blogs and articles. It was an epiphany for me. I did a few business topic searches. In reviewing the results, this appears to be a likely avenue for building expertise by commenting on other’s blog post. Plus the bonus of possible traffic generated from your well thought out comment that provides additional value to the original blog. I set up a google alerts for my business topics. For the most part Google never sent me anything. I will have to evaluate why alerts didn’t work, but a search did. What is your opinion on commenting?

Guest blogging – I have been very slow getting started on guest blogging. My first reoccurring articles are appearing in the Your True Colors digital magazine. These articles for the most part have not been business articles.

Long tail keyword – my goal, be more conscious of using long tail keywords. I’m doing this on a little over half of the blog posted for the quarter. I am happy with my stats and will not continue reviewing this anymore.

Linkedin – I set up NextScripts plugin (*af) to post status updates for my old blog post to Linkedin. I never reposted full articles on Lindedin. The issue I have with linkedin is, I am not finding anyway to track my progress, a good ROI indicator. Do you know a good ROI indicator for Linkenin?

Keeping people on my website – no research was done on this.

Traffic statistics – continuing to increase my traffic is important, but at the same time I need to be attracting people, that can become clients. Also, I noticed that there were a large number of spam sources. After some research, there is not much I can do about it. According to Google, spam sources don’t negatively affect my website.

Facebook has been a love/hate relationship for me. Previously I had been concerned with getting more followers, likes and especially shares. My research shows that shares of status updates create a further organic reach. All still important, but I came to a realization, that the people that are coming from my Facebook page to my blog are staying on my website the longest. It goes to show building relationships is the way to get more views. I had been struggling with whether Facebook was still worth it, the stats below prove to me that it is.

GA Social Network sources -2QAMJ2015


Goals for 3rd quarter:

  • Struggling with how to watch, keep up with and analyze my money making efforts.
  • Finalize and upload slideshare to website.
  • Gallery – along side the slide share, I want to finish up the slide gallery that is on my home page. This will also reference what I do.
  • Research and implement other ideas for targeting keywords. In particular find blogs in a timely manner, that i can comment on.
  • Create a spreadsheet and track commenting until the end of year; first of 2016 review how this went.
  • Guest blogging – add 1 blog a month that is what I do business.
  • Research for a way to determine ROI on Linkedin.
  • Research how to keep people on my website.


Clicks for affiliates are barely in their teens or nil.

One of the items I was working on previously was Google Adsense in particular, getting the Google Custom Search Box on my website. I found a couple of great tutorials for putting the Search Box on my website, yet everyone of the articles I read, neglected to mention that you needed to submit your blog post url’s to be indexed. It was frustrating. Check out my quick tutorial on how to do this

One of my previous goals was Amazon affiliates, I started using a great addon, EzAzon to quickly add items to my blogs, it has been extremely useful tool. But about mid month of June, I received a rejection email from Amazon, because of lack of referrals & activity. I had also added a couple of sidebar ads, late 1st quarter, but they didn’t have long enough to generate anything. I am putting Amazon on back burner until first of 2016, with the hopes of increasing traffic and audience participation in the next half of 2015.

All that said, no income to report for 2nd quarter.

Goals for 3rd quarter:

  • Learn more about sites like ClickBank, Linkshare, Share-a-Sale, Link Vehicle.
  • Find more affiliates I am interested in supporting.
  • Add analytics to new and existing URL link. This will go back to tracking.
  • Finish setting up my Resource page and publish it.
  • Add Google Adsense ad boxes? one in right sidebar above fold, 2 in blog post.
    • Research on how best to add the 2 inside the blog post. I have questions. For example, is there a way to automate this. Do I have to put it in every blog post or can I have it coded in php or htaccess. What are my options, what is the easiest.
    • Also would like to research refining my google ads so they are more targeted to my audience.
  • Also will be looking at other options for creating a income stream via my website. i.e. products, coaching services.

I have a lot to learn still and because educating myself is important. I will stay on the track of finding resources and people to learn from. I did indeed pick up a coach this quarter. I am working with Bridget DiCello at the least for 6 months. I haven’t determine what else I want to focus on, but feel I have enough going right now.


Several challenges are on my plate for this quarter. What are your current challenges concerning your website or tell me about a recent one that you resolved?

Take time to live a life that inspires you~