Business Blog Giveaway – Year 2 Celebration

Enter to win over $1000 worth of prizes, ends 6/27/15; Custom Growth Group Business Blog Giveaway #businessblog #giveaway #prizes

Enter to win over $1000 worth of prizes, ends 6/27/15; Custom Growth Group Business Blog Giveaway #businessblog #giveaway #prizes


Hello Everyone! Welcome to our ‘Celebration’ and you are invited to participate in our Year 2 Blog Giveaway.


Isn’t it outstanding WHEN, that moment of realization hits you and you realize that your pet project has hit a milestone. That is what I am feeling as I hit 2 years of blogging here on Custom Growth Group. The significance for me, is at this time last year I was wrestling with the decision to keep blogging or not.

Statistically, many new blogger quit in the first year and more often in the first 90 days. I made it to a year and indeed put my blog on hold for 4 months last summer. I don’t regret that because there were life issues, that I needed to deal with. Patience and persistence make all the difference in the world and I know my ‘WHY’ for doing this.


Reasons for blogging
the entreprenuer Why blogging is good for your business


These excerpt from infograph created by IgniteSoft; found  via Social Media Today;

Let’s get on to the good stuff!

For the next month we are hosting a giveaway with an assortment of FABULOUS Prizes for our sponsors. Show a little love for our sponsors and you can earn entries into the giveaway.

Prize Notifications went out on Monday, June 29th, 2015 between 8:00am & 8:30am cst.


shamika watson

Shamika Watson


Prize: 1 – Essential Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Sunscreen, value $24

Formulated for all over the body use, ESSENTIALS Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Sunscreen is a lightweight, non-sticky and non-greasy broad spectrum sunscreen. It contains dimethicone to protect skin’s moisture barrier, antioxidant vitamins C and E to absorb damaging free radicals and anti-inflammatory ingredients to protect skin from environmental stress. 150 mL/5.0 fl. oz.

Shamika’s tip on business growth:


One of my best business tips would be to continue to connect with the circle of people that are willing to share resources to help each other businesses grow.

beverly borwick

Beverly Borwick


Prize: 1 – Custom Designed ‘Stone Pendant on an Ornate Necklace’

4 strands of red seed beads attached to an ornate beaded piece, with a drop stone pendant.  (p.s. IMAGE COMING SOON – check out image, words don’t do this justice.)

Creations by Beverly Borwick Designs are one of a kind.

Beverly’s tip on business growth:
quotePlan for Success!
Do not spend half a lifetime on education and training, otherwise you may never realize in entire lifetime the inner creativity, inspiration and life-applicable experiences that you could fulfill.
Find a mentor!
My best friend in Memphis TN is Gina Davis, Custom Growth Group. She happily volunteered to coach me in business planning and development, especially in social media platform engagement and web design.
Build strong trusting relationships!
Do business with others by first building relationships, which can often lead to friendships. People will do business with people they know, like and trust.
Surround yourself with friends, mentors and business associates, especially those who appreciate and admire what you make, your services and your character. Often they will become your best supporters, and customers/clients.
Watch your followers:
Hang out with people who continually offer you genuine encouragement, as well as kind and constructive criticism.
One of the most beneficial actions is constant, continuous networking. It’s about the “Givers Gain” principle. The most successful business people are those who understand and live this concept. Have a heart to help others succeed, give of your self, share what is working for you, and lessons learned along the way.

Kai-Ashley Clifford

Kai-Ashley Clifford

SuccessCoachKai Kai Clifford Kai-Ashley Clifford

Prize: Online Course ‘Vibrant Success Club – Transformation Series’ – 5 week program, value $297

Participate live or receive our successful transformation series via email.  Perks: Life time access.

During this 5-week Vibrant Transformational Program you will:

  • Get super clear on what you want
  • Manifest your desires with ease
  • Learn master proven success strategies
  • Release long-held fear and self-doubt
  • Unlock your true potential
  • Reprogram your thoughts
  • Become inspired to achieve greatness
  • Take action upon your dreams

Members will also get access to:

  • Personalized one-on-one interaction with one of the best life coaches in radical transformation and positive change, Kai-Ashley. Ask any questions to help you on your journey (this is worth over $1000 alone!)
  • Weekly exercises to maximize your chance of success – do the exercises and you will achieve results
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can come back at any time!
  • Customized tapping meditation to follow along each week – an mp3 to help you overcome your fear, doubt and limiting beliefs
  • Bonus training calls with experts in the field of transformation!
This prize is perfect for you if you are an aspiring entrepreneur ready to release your fear and follow your passions… This is a hands on program with homework to change your thinking and release your blocks by using visualization and energy therapy EFT.

Kai-Ashley‘s tip on business growth

quoteMy best tip is giving and giving. To be a go-giver rather than a go getter. Be very clear about your services for sure. Don’t be afraid to speak of them, but at the same time give information that will help them. In any solution you give them, there will always be another problem involved, if they want to take their success even further. Once you have given them valuable information from a genuine place of caring, then people will see you as an expert, they will trust you, they will see that you actually care and they will think of hiring you before anyone else.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Websites: ViralBuzz  MyBlogU

Prize: 200 ViralContentBuzz.com credits, value $19.95

Viral Content buzz is a web-based platform that utilizes a crowdsourcing model to facilitate the generation of REAL “social buzz” on quality content.

ViralContentBuzz.com allows you to get Facebook Shares, Pinterest Pins, StumbleUpon likes and Tweets from established social media accounts that are primarily outside of your normal social media marketing channels.

This keeps the social media sharing organic and gives your content REAL social media signals! Not only does Google love these types of signals, but it also means more eyeballs on your content (hence more traffic and branding!)

This type of organic social media sharing gives your web content its best chance to go viral.

This Udemy course will look into main ViralContentBuzz.com features as well as share some case studies and tips from content marketing experts.

Ann’s business tip on business growth:

quoteNever rely on one tactic to market your business. Be in constant search of growth hacks and marketing ideas. Experiment a lot. Even if your business seems to be doing well currently in terms of targeted traffic, keep in mind that, unless that source is 100% under your control (which I don’t think is the case), you can never rest assured you’ll have it tomorrow.

Scott D Lewis

Scott D Lewis

scottlewis Scott D Lewis Scott D Lewis
Prize:  Email mini-course called “Seven Surprising Strategies to Get More Stuff Done.”

In this 7 part mini course, you learn how to:

  1. Get to the most important action items on your to-do list
  2. Take care of those small tasks that demand your time and attention
  3. Get through large tasks that seem insurmountable
  4. Make your goals more powerful and meaningful
  5. Clear your clutter and keep it that way
  6. Remember where you put those important items that you need to keep track of
  7. Stay upbeat when your business beats you up

Scott’s Business Tip:

quoteI have a bunch of tips since I’m a productivity coach. Here’s one that has had a big impact for my business.

Home based business owners don’t have the built-in structure to stay focused that most employees get from their regular jobs. That doesn’t mean you’re destined to spend your day drifting like a ship without a rudder. There are ways to create that structure for yourself without much time and effort. One suggestions I have is to start your work day with a quick 3 minute check-in.

First create a list with 5-12 questions that point you in the direction of actions that will achieve your overall goals. Here is an example of what your list could look like:

1. What is most important (biggest bang for your buck) for me to accomplish today?
2. What is urgent (time-sensitive) that must be completed today?
3. Am I using a Post-it Note on my monitor to remind me what I’m doing online?
4. Am I using a timer regularly to make sure I’m on task?
5. Am I checking my email only twice a day?
6. Am I reading during down time in my work day?
7. What else would I like to add to this list?

Notice that the questions can be divided into 3 sections:

-Big Picture (questions 1 and 2)
-Focus Strategies (questions 3 and 4)
-Action Tools (questions 5 and 6).

Think of this list as a work in progress. Question 7 helps you to notice anything you want to add such as actions you want to make into a new habit or intentions you want to be mindful of each day. Add a new question to the list to support you in remembering the new item.

Gina DavisGina1


(1) bag (5oz) of ‘Sea Salt’ Caramels, value $20
(1) ‘Life is a journey’ Medallion, value $12
(1) Book: ‘The Happiness Advantage’ by Shawn Anchor, value $55

These prizes are via SendOutCards Gift Catalog. For more details for purchasing from the catalog, contact me for your access code.

(1) Goal Setting by Creating Good Habits, a 7 week email workshop by Gina Davis through Custom Growth Group, value $300

In this 7 week email workshop, will introduce you to the proven strategies established by Gina Davis for reaching goals.

Section 1 – The Anatomy of a Good Goal

Explore what makes a goal a viable statement. Broken down to paint a picture that is visual, tactile and auditory.
Section 2 – Vision Board – Are you dreaming?
Goals happen day to day, keep in the game by creating your Big Vision.
Section 3 – Accountability
Create accountability plans; identify the correct accountability partner for you; set it into action
Section 4 – Goal Objective and Review sessions
Daily, weekly, quarterly, semi-annual & annual objective and review procedures.
Section 5 – Managing goals
Sectioning goals into manageable, dobale bits; goal tracking – reflecting on progress of goals
Section 6 – Overall Vision, part 2
Establishing perseverance and an overall Vision in your day to day.
Section 7 – Scheduling the review process
Review is one of the most crucial parts of goal setting.

Extras and perks included:

Lifetime access to Facebook Accountability Group
30 minute email evaluation of your goals from Section 1, with recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

How to Enter & Official Rules

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rules for Business Blog Giveaway – Year 2 Celebration



See Full Rules.

Prize Detail: see Prize Section above

Eligibility:  Contest is only open to U.S. legal residents with valid email address, who are currently at the least 18 years and older. Contestants may need to provide proof of residency upon request. Employees and their immediate families (spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouses, regardless of where they reside) or those living in the same household (whether or not related) of Custom Growth Group and sponsor (if different from Host Business), and their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, prize suppliers, distributors and advertising and promotion agencies (collectively, “Contest Parties”) are not eligible to enter or win

Duration: This Giveaway runs from 05/27/2015 12am until 06/27/2015 12am.

How do to Enter: Entries only accepted via the Rafflecopter entry form provided above. It is not necessary to enter via all the options provided, though it will increase your chance. 1 submission a person via each of the 6 entry options provided for a total of 10 entries for the life of this giveaway. Facebook and Twitter are in no way responsible for this giveaway.

Winner selection: The random drawing will take place on Monday 6/28/2015 by the Rafflecopter’s automated system. Winner will be notified via their provided email address and have 48 hours to reply. At the end of that 48 hour period another winner will be selected. If potential winner forfeits or does not claim the prize, prize will be re-awarded, in Sponsor’s sole discretion. All prizes will be awarded.

Host Business Name and Contact Information: Gina Davis, Custom Growth Group, 9545 Pleasant Ridge Rd, Lakeland, TN 38002. gina.davis@customgrowthgroup.com

Take time to live a life that inspires you~

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