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Blog Hiatus: To Blog or Not to Blog


Blog Hiatus v2

A blog hiatus has made me step back and look at my blogging with intent.

Establishing myself as an authority is one of my business goals. Indeed, blogging is an excellent way to do that.

I am a firm believer that

you have to work on your business as much as in your business.’

 What does this mean, here is an example.

I have a client a lawn service business, that I was explaining this concept to; ‘Frank, when you clean up a yard-that is working in your business. But when you look for ways to grow your business, like writing out a new marketing plan-that is working on your business. You have to work on both or your business becomes stagnant.’

I consider blogging working on my businessthe establishing of myself as an expert, is one of the ways I working on my business. The results was I found myself spending more and more time working on my business, somewhat to the detriment of working in my business. I was working with my established clients, but keeping in touch had falling by the wayside. Much less taking on new clients.

I was wrestling with the question, whether I should or even wanted to continue blogging. On the one hand I enjoyed putting my thoughts in writing, to help and educate my readers. On the other hand, blogging was taking up way more time than I needed it to. Was I making the best use of my time?

Dilemma. To Blog or Not to Blog.
It had definitely become the question.

My decision was to continue blogging. I will be experimenting with different schedules, until I find what works the best. Keeping in mind that I need to divide my time between working on and in my business.

My main goal is to have consistency and everything I am reading states that consistency is important. One new thing I am going to try is writing shorter blogs filled with good content. Let me know what you think, if I am indeed doing that.

I will continue looking for good guest bloggers, contest, and giveaways. And have been exploring some other ideas to incorporate into my blogging. I am looking forward to sharing these ideas, guest bloggers and giveaways with you.



Comment about your experiences with blogging, either as an author and/or reader. What makes a good blog for you?

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