Blog Writer VS Blog Reader: Why Starting a Blog is as Relevant as Reading Blogs.

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Reading blogs has been a natural evolution, because of the many blog websites. Yet, my blogging career was something I actively sought out.  Because reading has been natural and blogging had to be pursued, I wanted to explore my journey and ultimately their growth. What importance was blogging for me and does it differ from being a reader.

blog writing

I’ve always been a reader – as a grew up, my mother kept my siblings and I well supplied with books from the library and from the local used book store. I read voraciously.

    • As a child, I started out simple genres that I was greatly interested, such as the American Indian culture (mostly non-fiction, some fiction), books on horse (fiction & nonfiction equally) and Nancy Drew Mysteries.
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  • As I moved into my teenage years my genres grew and expanded. I started reading romances. I still read about the American Indian and horse stories and I began reading books that I associated with possible careers.
  • As a teen and young adult I wanted to be in the Fashion Industry, in particular I wanted to dress windows. I do believe I would have been successful in my endeavors, instead I ended up in an upcoming industry – Computers.
  • As an adult in my twenties – my reading fell off somewhat due to college & dating. When I did read, I was still reading romances and american indian. Around this time I started getting introduced to Science Fiction reading, because the movies of that time definitely sparked my interest in this genre, i.e. Close Encounters, Star Wars, Mad Max movies.
  • As the world moved into the 90’s I found some of my favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy writers. Writers that I still read to this day, i.e. Catherine Asaro – Saga of the Skolian Empire; Mercedes Lackey her Valdemar universe series and especially her Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms series. My parents started me in the personal development style books with books like Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence people and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

Clearly, I like to read.  And my reading taste, spans quite a few genres with several genres I have not mentioned at all.

With the advent of the Internet our reading habits changed and Bloggers entered the foray. I hate to say it, remembering when I read my first blog is lost in time.

As the digital world grew in the late 80’s and early 90’s, people started looking for ways to keep online diaries. The blog was formed as people begin inviting people to read what they wrote. The first blogging platforms were forums or community platforms. In fact, the platforms that bloggers and readers are familiar with today happened in the late 90’s. WordPress, one of the most popular platforms today, came out in 2003.  

To establish a timeline for the first blog I read, it happened sometime in 2004-2006 period.

My blog reading took off, when I started my business in 2009. In searching for advice in starting a business, the natural evolution went from ‘visiting the library’ to ‘using the internet’ to ‘following expert bloggers’ to ‘starting my own blog’.

When I considered not returning to blogging over the summer and wrote a blog on my summer hiatus I looked at what were the reasons I was blogging.  With this blog, I wanted to more seriously look at this and after I jotted down a list, then stepped back and looked at it, I realize those reasons were almost identical to why I read blogs.

The 6 reasons why I blog. 

  1. Expertise – blogging is a great platform to show and further explore my expertise – a Follow up & Building Better Relationship expert
  2. Explore – ideas that make me a better XXXX
  3. Conversations – talking about what make me a better XXXX
  4. Research – explore potential new ideas, resources, products
  5. Entertainment – because people need to feel good, to feel sorrow and to laugh
  6. Content – developing great, wonderful and useful content

The 6 reasons why I read blogs.

  1. Expertise – blogging is a great platform to find experts on practically any topic
  2. Explore – ideas & concepts that make me better; – a better person, a better entrepreneur
  3. Conversions – commenting on other blogs, gives me a way to relate, question and/or tell my side
  4. Research – explore the potential new ideas, resources, products
  5. Entertainment – because I want to laugh, share in sorrow & feel happiness
  6. Content – Finding great, wonderful and useful content

The similarities astound me.  Whether I am blogging or reading a blog it is for the same reason.

If you’ve made this far and have enjoyed this, felt it was great content, sparks a conversation, helps you in your research and/or shows an expertise -please take the time to relay your thoughts, inspiration and other comments below.

In conclusion, here is a list of my Go-to bloggers.  I hope you bookmark my blog as a Go-to blogger.

Amy Lynn Andrews

Smart Passive Income

These blogs have multiple writers





Who are the bloggers you can’t wait to read? The one as soon as the blog hits your email box, you are reading it? Or the one your on their website, hitting refresh. I am always looking for interesting bloggers.

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