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Business Media Kit – Does my business need one?

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Blog - Business Media Kit - Do I need one-


Recently, a business media kit was requested from me.  I sorta knew what this was. Yet, not really.  Not enough to produce one. Next stop, determining whether a business media kit is right for my business.

Finding someone to produce a business media kit was an option. Yet blindly turning projects over to other people has resulted in getting burned a few times. Not that they purposely burned me, but I would have chosen to do it different if I had done the research.





Lesson learned.

Therefore, I decided to do my due diligence and research it. Which would have the happy stance, that I could blog about my results. I figured if I was in this boat there were others facing the same dilemma. I enjoy researching topics that are of interest to me.

Quickly I recognized there were a multitude of reasons a media kit could and should be produced. Ideally a media kit presents the reader with pertinent information on the targeted person, company, product or event. It should be easy to read and beautiful to look at.


orange question mark

The first question is – Do I need a Business Media Kit?



1st step: Identifying Who/What Your Business Media Kit will Highlightfirst step identify who what


This may seem obvious, most people will instantly think of Authors and Bloggers, maybe Companies. Yet there are some other options to consider. Deciding who or what to highlight will be directly driven by the purpose of your media kit.




2nd step: Identifying Purpose of Your Business Media Kit

second step identify purpose

  • Attracting advertisers to your website – Bloggers, organizations, online magazines, online communities/websites, etc
  • Highlight a new book or product – Business, Bloggers, Authors, Magazines, Business, etc
  • Promoting your services – Coaches, Event Planners, Speakers, Business, etc
  • Speaking – those looking for speakers and speakers looking for events, etc
  • Case Studies – a great way to show results, etc
  • Attracting sponsors and vendors – charitables, like golf or 5K tourneys; business expos, craft and food festivals, etc
  • Attracting investors – Start-ups, Business, New Products/Services, etc
  • Benefits, Galas – Charitables, Business, etc
  • Website Stats – to attract the right collaborations
  • Revamp of existing products
  • Attracting potential clients


Just as your other marketing tools, a business media kit will be become another tool in your belt for attracting the right people to your business. Treat it like a resume for your business. The goal of a business media kit is to garner you more business. It will show who you are, what your business stands for and what you/your business have accomplished and what you want to accomplish. The next blog will go cover what ingredients to showcase you and your business, organization, product, etc.

I was interested in finding out what others had used a Media kit for.  Therefore I put a query out and here are a couple of responses.

Ann Smarty, Founder of MyBlogU  twitter_icon11

This has always been on (my) mind! I never really looked for a job: All my clients wanted me to work for them, so I didn’t really need one. But now that I am coming up with some products (courses, ebooks, contests, etc), I think I need to finally create one!


Diane Dixon, President, NAWBO Memphis   facebook_icon11

…..we do need a media kit…. Today I needed a promo package for NAWBO and I didn’t have one!


As you can see, entrepreneurs, business owners, organization leaders are realizing a media kit is a key marketing tool for their business or organization.


Watch for a blog on the best ingredients for your business media kit, Part 2 in this series.



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