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Business Success: Dr Kurt Price – Serving the Community

Check out my interview with Dr Kurt Price of Arlington Family Chiropractic Clinic.




G: Hello everyone.  I am Gina Davis with Custom Growth Group, in partnership with SendOutCards.

Today’s blog is part of my 6-months blog series, based on the book called The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann. The other blogs in that series can be found at my Home, “Introduction to “The Go Giver – A 6-Part Blog Series.”

Blog 1: Currently live there is a book review on “The Go Giver” written by me.

Blog 2: We also had a guest author, Sherri Henley, who wrote “How to Access, Obtain and Release Value Without Breaking the Bank.”

Blog 3: Today’s blog will be interview style.

My guest for today’s blog is my friend, my business associate and my personal chiropractor, Dr. Kurt Price.   Kurt is a patient advocate, speaker and a teacher in the chiropractic industry. He is the Owner and President of a growing practice here in the Arlington area.

Kurt, thank you so much for interviewing with me today. I really am excited about this interview. One of the first things I want to do is have you talk to the audience a little bit and tell them about a little bit about yourself, your family, and your two growing practices. Every time I come in, you have so much going on, it’s so amazing coming in here. This is one of my favorite places to come.

K: Thanks for having me, I appreciate it. Like you said, I am Dr. Kurt Price. I’m the owner of Arlington Family Chiropractic Clinic, and also the president of Arlington Family Wellness Center. We are what is called an integrated office, meaning I am a chiropractor by trade, but I also have physiotherapy on my team, I also have medical doctors, nurse practitioners, we just brought on another chiropractor to help recently.  BabyLoveChiropractic

G: You also have two massage therapists on your team. One of those massage therapists does the baby….

K: infant massage.

G: The parents are actually taught how to do the infant massage.   He’s very innovative in getting new ideas in here for the families. It’s not all about what you get here; it’s about what you take away from here.



K: Yes, and you hit it right on the dot. It’s all about families and helping the community. Myself, my wife and my kids are one of the most important things in my life, next to God of course.

G: And that’s actually your motto: God, family and chiropractic.

K: It is. And on the medical side it’s God, family, wellness.

G: Recently I read the book “The Go-Giver.” It tells the story about Joe and his journey. It was a journey of learning that he took, to learn how to become a more successful person. One of the laws the old man shows him is called That Law of Compensation. That law states your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. After I read this book and read that particular segment, I just instantly thought of Dr. Kurt, because he definitely does that. He serves many people and serves them well.

I had invited him to do the series today, because serving people, especially people in your community, is a great focus. So I’d like to talk about that a little bit. Elaborate on your involvement in the community, and the way you and your practice serve them.

K: Being a family practice, and a family wellness practice, there is a growing movement toward wellness. And let’s face it; wellness has nothing to do with drugs or surgery. It has to do with living the way God intended us to live, treat your body like a temple. Things that we were accustomed to years ago, the written language that we’re all to live by, it’s things that we try to bring into the practice.

As far as the community, I love getting out and educating people on wellness, speaking out there, whether it be the Arlington Senior Citizens Center, going to the grade school and teaching the kids, the high school baseball team, sponsoring them and helping those kids. I love getting out there.

Not only that, it’s not about getting out there. It’s about the whole giving. I love putting on events to help the community, kind of give back. Like we have our Monsters Ball coming up here in October where we put on a huge family (pause)AFCC Pink Ladies

G: Like a Fall Festival, it’s around Halloween, but it’s not really Halloween-themed. It’s more family-themed.

K: Correct, yes. We just invite the families out. It’s a nice way to celebrate the season.

G: Tell a little bit more about what people can do at that particular event.

K: We have all kinds of games for the kids, we have costume contests, pumpkin carving, moon bounces, face painting, Mike the balloon guy is coming out, I’ll feed everyone. Appropriate things for children, and also for the adults as well, if they’re bringing their kids. We have October/Fall Festival music playing; it’s just a fun family atmosphere, a way to give back to the community, and help.

Monster Ball AFCC

G: Well I have to say that, at the recording of this video, the Monster Bash Ball has not happened yet. By the time that this is posted, it will already have happened. Put the Monster Bash Ball on your calendar for next year, because this is really a great event. Let’s talk about the events that are coming up that the audience will be able to participate in. I know you will have a holiday event coming up. Will you do that around Thanksgiving, or will you have something both at Thanksgiving and Christmas?

K: Both. And all these things are open to the public. So you don’t have to be a patient here. You can come in and get to meet us in a very comfortable environment. We invite friends and family. Thanksgiving we have our annual food drive. I’m also teaming up with AM640 Christian radio. We’ll be doing some things with them where we’ll give ways we can help and serve the community. And also I can give my team and my services, kind of a fair exchange. Christmas time we do the toy drive, help the Jesus Loves Memphis, just another organization that we can help. And I’m open to whatever. I just let things come to me. If someone comes to me and asks me would I mind donating the toys in this area and food in this area, I just let the chips fall where they may. If someone has something they’re really passionate about, I want to support that.

G: That’s awesome. I know for me, one of the events that you got me involved in is the women’s event. I can’t really remember when that actually happens.

K: Spring.

G: Yes, around springtime, that sounds right. He invites the women that are part of this community, because to me this practice is a community, and the people that come to this, I’ve got to know these people. I see them when I come in; I see them when I come to his events. One of the ones he has invited me to do with him is the women’s businesses. So he actually throws this for the women of his community, and outside the community also are invited, and he lets the women that are part of his community showcase their businesses. It gives us a way to actually showcase our business that I really enjoy. I always have fun at these events. So any other things, information that you would like to tell everybody about?

K: We are actively going to a lot of the businesses and do health and safety fairs for even some of the big corporations. We go into small businesses and do “Lunch & Learns.” Just anything we can do to help, because people have so many questions about wellness. What is chiropractic? How does medical play a role, does it play a role. We try to answer all those questions. There’s a place for everything.

G: With Obamacare, I bet you get all kinds of questions concerning that and how it’s going to affect chiropractic.

K: I do. I guess at the end of the day, there’s certain things you can worry about and certain things you can’t.

G: The kind of opinion that I’m not worrying about it, whatever happens happens.

K: That’s it. What comes to mind right off the top of my head is Paul, irrational fears. God talks about irrational fears. We can worry all day long, but that’s not of God, so you just take care of today, we’re promised today, and try to put your priorities where they’re supposed to be.

AFCC Banner

G: Definitely. So I think that about ends it for today. So why don’t you tell everyone how to get in contact with you, where your offices are, maybe if they can find you on LinkedIn or any other social media outlets.

K: It’s Arlington Family Chiropractic Clinic, and also Arlington Family Wellness Center, we’re an integrated office. Phone number is 901-867-3995. You can also visit our website here.   Facebook here.

G: I really enjoyed this today. Thanks again for doing this interview. I’m looking forward to my next visit here at Arlington Chiropractic.


Thanks for reading and viewing this video.  Your challenge for this blog is tell us how you and/or your business serve your community.