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Business Writing Prompts – Part 3

business writing prompts

business writing prompts




Telling a story has more meaning, than giving facts and statistics. Even though I love statistics, I know a story is more memorable. Part 3 of Business Writing Prompts covers using the Narrative.






Tell a story using your business or others as the backdrop for the story. Be descriptive. Some of my favorite books teach you business skills and are in a story format. Check out these books as examples, Creativity, Inc – the story of Pixar and The Go-Giver.

  1. Tell us of a time your business’s volunteered time/goods for a non-profit
  2. What business habit would you like to break/establish?
  3. Tell how you handle a bad customer situation
  4. Tell us how communication within your company saved or lost the day
  5. Inspirational story from your business/employees
  6. Restarting your business – if you had to do it again, what would yo bring with you?
  7. Long standing business – how has the digital revolution changed how you do business
  8. Environmental conscious business – what is your story?
  9. Do you feel that having a business in a small town can be limited
  10. Tell us your favorite business story.


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