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Using Habitica for Business to Change Habits

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Isn’t it frustrating when nothing changes? Same old bad behaviour pattern keep happening and good behavior patterns never develop. Changing habits can be done, it takes finding a practical application that works for you. Habitica turns those daily, weekly and monthly goals and your to-do list into a game. Using Habitica for business to change habits is […]

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Are your business consultants smarter than a 5th grader?

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Every new and established entrepreneur should have 3 types of business consultants that they seek advice with. Surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than you has numerous advantages. The first time I heard that, I was puzzled and definitely didn’t understand. Why is it to my advantage to surround myself with people that are smarter […]

12 Signs you’re not in Committed to Customer Relationship

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  Are you committed to your customers? Customer relationships often come at a price. Finding the right balance between customer relationship and building your business can become a struggle. Here are 12 flags indicating that you should re-evaluate your customer relationship experience.   1. SELL, SELL, SELL! – It is all about the sale.  Salesmen, […]

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It’s time for your Annual Business Financial Check Up!

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One thing for sure that will make any business owner’s blood pressure rise is to look over at the huge pile of paperwork that hasn’t been touched all year at TAX TIME! Unfortunately this scenario is so common among entrepreneurs, and each year business owners vow to do better with their business financial check up…but […]

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Goal Setting Interview Series – 1st Quarter 2015, Part 2

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Welcome to the 2nd part of the Resolution Diaries Interview Series. Catch up with the 1st 3 interviews. With these 3 interviews, the 6 participants of Resolution Diaries series have set their goal setting benchmarks. Over the next 12 weeks they will continue working to reach their quarterly goals. Participants have access to mini activities to aid them […]

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Resolution Diaries: Goal Setting for 2015 – an interview blog series

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      Good goal setting becomes a significant activity this time every year for many people. I like the action of putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and making a record of what I determine to accomplish. A short and long term intention of commitment. Writing a strong, actionable plan, by adding the […]