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5 Minutes to Renew and Refresh

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When was the last time you did something for yourself? Do you block out the time in your busy schedule, to renew and refresh yourself? ‘In the past, I’ve attended those ‘pep rally’ type of events. They are great! Except that high last as long as, the drive home in horrible traffic’, says my friend Carolyn […]

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Are your business consultants smarter than a 5th grader?

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Every new and established entrepreneur should have 3 types of business consultants that they seek advice with. Surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than you has numerous advantages. The first time I heard that, I was puzzled and definitely didn’t understand. Why is it to my advantage to surround myself with people that are smarter […]

How to be a Key Influencer – 2 Quality Traits of a Leader

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As a business owner I have wrestled with developing influencer traits. Key traits like being knowledgeable, Giver’s Gain (BNI terminology – that refers to the Law of Receptivity), boldness, smart, thankful, attentive etc. Uncounted famous leaders make it look simple. Yet knowing how to be a key influencer is not as clear as it looks. […]

A Story of New Beginnings; Health is a Mindset.
Interview Series: Mori Welborn

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  We are really excited to offer another Interview style blog this week, with my business associate, sometimes mentor and really good friend, Mori Welborn. Mori is a Massage Therapist, entrepreneur and health advocate. She has inspired me both in my business and personal life. She recently told me about being a final contestant for […]

What is your DRAMA? Manifest the Dynamic Person you are by being Receptive.

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Women have astonishing strengths. Manifesting that strength is truly amazing to see. Yet the one area that women typical avoid, is being receptive. Receptiveness in the form of the willingness or readiness to receive. Often they go as far as to undermine their own power. As much as we struggle with being receptive, the opposite […]

The Authenticity of Being Joyful!

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Today’s Guest Author is: Wy Woods Harris; CEO and Founder of WysJoyFul Company, a Health Community Consultant.  She also has a  RN with a Master in Science and has a Masters of Divinity and Doctorate in Ministry. Wy is my 2nd Guest Author in the 6 part series based on ‘The Go-Giver’.  Check the start […]