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12 Signs you’re not in Committed to Customer Relationship


Are you committed to your customers? Customer relationships often come at a price. Finding the right balance between customer relationship and building your business can become a struggle. Here are 12 flags indicating that you should re-evaluate your customer relationship experience.

customer relationship experience


1. SELL, SELL, SELL! – It is all about the sale. 

auto salesperson
..and today you can have the Hottest thing in SUV category!

Salesmen, in general and auto sales in particular, have been given a bad rap. In the past, they generated this oily, cheesy view of a salesperson only out to make the sale. However, society’s attitude is changing toward auto salespeople, for the good. A couple of my business associates and friends are car dealership salespeople – one of the worst stereotyped professions known. My colleagues and I have talked about this quite often. I asked them, “Are you in it for the sale now, or for potential future sales? -Build a relationship for those future sales.

2. SELF-INTEREST – A person in business who is only concerned with their self and what they can get, quite plainly, needs an attitude adjustment. A good example is that person you meet at a networking event. They throw words up all on you and never bothers to engage you in a conversation. They may even dismiss you, thinking you would never buy from them. Ultimately, lacking the realization that cultivating a relationship could gain them referrals from your circle of influence. Build relationships that cultivate future possibilities.

3. GIVER’S GAIN ATTITUDE – >NOT SO MUCH< – Being self-interested is tied closely to not having a giving attitude. Same scenario – that person who only thinks of their self and not how they can assist others. The best way to grow your self and your business is to find out how you can benefit others. I LIKE TO BE A CONNECTOR. Time and again, I have seen that helping others always comes back around, with something of value for you. Connectors advocate and grow relationships by putting the right people together and eventually becoming influencers.


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4. DESPERATION – This person wears their desperation, akin to a soaked rag that smells bad. In reality, a majority of us have been here. Trying to generate those first several sales for your business. Bit by bit, the hopelessness seeps in, until it has taken over our entire demeanor. Truly, who would choose to do business with a desperate person. How do you get past desperation? Especially if you are already there, the answer will be elusive.  I would recommend adopting the ‘I AM’s” statement philosophy. 


5. THE BOTTOM LINE – If the bottom line is the only aspect of your business that concerns you, you are stunting the growth of your business. Working on your business is as important, as working in your business. What does this mean? Doing jobs that generate money – working in your business – must not always come first. If you do not work on the growth of your company, suddenly you will find yourself with a stagnant business. (i.e., I can’t grow due to the fact that I haven’t planned for this situation.) Find a mentor and/or a business coach, participate in online classes, attend a seminar, etc.  Read and study to grow your business and yourself. 


6. NOT LISTENING – Thinking they know what the customer wants and never actually listeningmirroring clients to what the customer needs. Not sure how to do this? Mirror the other person’s words – repeat back in your own words what you heard them say. You have done it right when they exclaim enthusiastically, ‘Yes, that’s what I meant!’ When they notice you are listening and trying to understand, they will more likely become “invested” in you. Be genuine, though; this isn’t about correcting them. Use mirroring to further your client’s experience. Lead with this technique first, even if you recognize that the solution may require a bit more creativity.


7. NOT FLEXIBLE – Every customer will require something a little different. Flexible options should happen, whether you are a small niche business person or a large brand. There are countless brands and models of Smartphones. Not every consumer desires or is willing to accept the same product or service. Offer the customer options – everything from different types of products, services and/or different ways they can pay for it and earn discounts. Make it effortless for the customer to arrive at the decision to buy. BUT cautionary, if they are saying ‘No,’ accept it and move on.Consumer-Shopping

8. LACK OF CONCERN OR BEING DISMISSIVE – People in business will lose me immediately, if I experience either of these from them. And why would I ever consider referring this person to a trusted colleague, family member, friend or client. People prefer to do business with people they know, like and  trust. Appreciate them by recommending them as a business person who you know, like and  trust


custom growth group
Do business with people you know, like & trust.

9. NOT VESTED IN YOUR OWN COMPANY – Do you believe in your company? Do the practices fit with your moral and ethical conventions?  Does your company show responsibility for client issues and complaints? If you answer no to any of these questions, and it is not your company, Move On!; If it is your company, execute and enforce those changes.

10. NOT VESTED IN YOUR OWN PRODUCT OR SERVICE – Is this a product or service you believe in? Are there issues, problems or concerns that are being ignored or possibly you having no awareness of? Time to work on research – always be informed. How can issues be resolved if you continue to let yourself  remain unaware of them. If you are simply ignoring them, you need to ask yourself “Why?” If you don’t grasp how to manage the complaints or issues, it might be time to find an experienced person to advise you. Don’t know anyone? Look for a connector.

11. NOT PASSIONATE – Above all, if you are not passionate about what you do, it will be obvious. Why would anyone want to buy from you. Yes, you, not the product or service, will lose the sale. Maybe you were passionate toward your business at one time. It is time to remind yourself of your “why.” What prompted your passionate at the beginning? It should be far more than making money. If it is making money, then that is likely why you are no longer vested. Hint: It’s in how you word your goals. 

goal setting interview series

12. LACKING KNOWLEDGE –  When I am seeking help, nothing is more frustrating to me than to realize that I am more knowledgeable about the product and/or services than the person I am asking. Because I spend the time doing research, I often find myself knowing more than the person who is advising me of his product and  services. Regardless of whether you own the business or not, you should always be as knowledgeable as possible. Never stop learning.


As business people, we all have only so much time, money and energy. Working on growing your business can be the difference between you and your family simply making rent or taking a nice vacation. Determining the most important aspects of your business to focus on can get lost in the shuffle. Often we need a little assistance with that. If you and/or your company is finding itself in that position, maybe it’s time to see what help would look like.

If you see yourself here, you may benefit from a complimentary consult, drop me a line. Know anyone that may benefit from my expertise, share this blog with them.




Time, money and  energy seem to be the 3 things that most affect people. What is your challenge at this moment?

Until next time.
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