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How to Guest Post for Custom Growth Group

Custom Growth Group accepts guest posts from time to time. If you are interested in guest posting, keep reading.

We are NOT accepting new inquiries to Guest Post. Updated: 7/3/19.

What we are looking for:

We are pretty flexible about what we publish here at Custom Growth Group as long as it falls within our guideline policies.

Here we go:

Content must be above average, striving for good, great and excellence. We are looking for content that has been well thought out. We want to hear your voice in the post; show us your style, but have clarity. If you have a great idea and are willing to work through several revisions, we are happy to work with you until your post is ready. We recommend that you use an editor or other software to spell check and other grammar inconsistencies.

Your post must be your original content and it must not be published anywhere else ever.

Know my audience.  It is your responsibility to know who my audience is before you submit an idea. Hey, I will even give you a hint. A generalized description of my target markets is – individuals and companies that want to grow their business. Read my website and several of my blog post to have a clear picture.

Content for your post should be as long as it needs to be and needs to fulfill the above three policies. That being said, writing great content does not usually happen in less than 800-900 words, and most of our posts are in the range of 1,200-1,500 words.

guest posting

Now for our Guideline and Policies:

1. Submission:

Post from individuals are accepted. (BigBox Business can’t write as BigBox Business; Joe Box from BigBox Business has to submit article, bio, and headshot.)

Please include the following:

  • Idea and title of your proposed post. Summarize your idea for us.
  • A link to your personal blog as well as links to 1–2 specific blog posts for our review.

We will get back to you — if your idea is accepted, please submit your proposed post and be sure to follow the Custom Growth Group’s Guidelines and policies listed here.

2. Content:

Custom Growth Group has a particular formatting style it adheres to loosely. Content should be formatted. Typically we have at the minimum 3 subheadings in articles. Quotes are welcome, please give credits. We also love tweetables, a sentence or two is great for tweeting the content.

3. Image sizing:

Images: 2 -4 image for your blog are required, ones that reflect the theme of the blog. Every photo must have a source and be credited; the information on the images you submitted should include who owns the image or whether it is aCreative Commons Public Doman image, please provide a link. Not submitting this will disqualify your post from being published. Images need to be attached.

Include a professional headshot for your bio. The image should be a square shape.

Quality and dimension requirements. Images should be no more than 600px wide, no length restrictions. (for example info-graphics)

4. Links and Product promotion:

Custom Growth Group allows do-follow links to your website. We love external and internal linking. If you know of content on your website, other’s website and on CGG’ website, please include links to these. We will reserve the right to decide if a link is inappropriate.

5. Scheduling post:

Currently, I schedule post approx 2 months in advance. Be patient. Watch for emails that begin your submission process.

6. Promotion and Community:

Plan to be available when your post goes live. Following up with comments is expected. Lively comment conversation is always welcome. Do status updates on all your social media websites, be sure to include a link back to the blog post.

This is a work in progress and we will be tweaking this policies and guidelines as we grow.

photo credit: kevinspencer I’m Taking My Work Underground via photopin (license)


Q: Is there any cost to submit or post my article to your website?

CGG: We don’t charge for either submission or posting. That said your obligation is to be available for the promotion of your content when it goes live.