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Content Curation as a Follow up Tool

content curation Chiculy Wall Flower Garden; installation in St Pete’s Morean Art Center; Blown glass


Content curation is everywhere now. Everyone one is talking about it, blogging about it and doing it. The implied content can be yours or an influencer in your industry and typical is shared via social media platforms. Just like art galleries, content that is curated can be amazing. The question is – can content curation be used as a follow-up tool?

Looking for ways to connect with my readers, subscribers, prospects & clients is a constant endeavor. In order to increase the likelihood that they become clients and stay clients, I continually build relationships with them. The payoff is an improved chance that they indeed become LifeLong Patrons.

Increasing touch points influences your circle. Therefore, the question is – In this highly social, technology world where the largest percentage of communications is via social platforms, is content curation an added value item, a touchpoint that influences your circle?

78% of respondents said the posts by companies they follow on social media impact their purchases. (source: Forbes)

Recently I set up a booth at a local expo. My 1st priority was building relationships with those that are my circle of influence. I determine the best option for making a touch point or give an added value item with those in my circle. Not only with those I already knew but would be a solid touch point for new people I would meet.


Valentine cards

It was a week and a half before Valentine’s day, so I opted to give away Valentine’s Cards I had designed with one of the tools (*Disclosure page) I utilize and recommend to my clients.(Put image of cards in.) In return for giving the cards away, new people or anyone in my circle of influence that was not already an email subscriber was asked to subscribe. My email newsletter is centered around my brand, follow up – customer retention & loyalty & goal setting.

Now that I have my list of email subscribers, the goal is to continue building a relationship with new & current subscribers. My email newsletter comes with added value items in the form of short tips, brief quotes from articles & blogs, intro to products that I recommend, etc. In return, I place CTA’s for my subscribers to interact with my website or one of my social media platforms. The CTA’s direct them to where they can gather information – content I’ve curated, to help them with growing their business, their brand and increase customer recognition, loyalty & referrals. Remember a portion of curated content should be yours and the rest from other sources.

These same subscribers also can opt to receive a 15 min free email consult on their follow-up strategies. The consult is a concise intro to further content that can grow their business. This content will be a mixture of content I developed, products & services I recommend & on a small-scale, content I have curated from other sources.

  1. Give an item that is perceived as an add value item; in return asked them to connect with one of your platforms – mine is an email newsletter.
  2. Curate brief content, short blurbs, intro to articles that lead them to the full content.
  3. Identify an alternate way to engage your subscribers/audience.


Back to the title of this article, Content curation as a follow-up tool

Art gallery

My definition of content curation for CustomGrowthGroup – content that falls into the mission of CustomGrowthGroup; simple to read, with good content that relates to my brand. As I told a client – if I post it, I have vetted it and it’s worth my clients time to read.

Following up with your circle can be the difference between a sale & a missed opportunity.

If the only type of follow-up happening, is a phone call or email, then no doubt you are missing out on possible connections. It’s imperative to find other ways to connect with your circle. Multiple connections help to build relationships, whereas to increase visibility to your circle.

Include other added value items that show your authority, which continues to grow visibility and eventually trust with your circle. Progressing these relationships eventually leads to an opportune time for asking for their business. Therefore, in your client’s eye, you are both visible and trustworthy. Happily, they become LifeLong Patrons.


Lastly, here are my favorite places for content curation. Tools for finding and delivering content.

Readers – I just can not handle another email coming into my inbox.


Netvibes RSS Feeder – my preferred reader. View the feeder, by clicking a button to switch over.

  • Netvibes is my Starter browser page.
  • Dashboard, add modules/RSS feed for local weather, local news and preferred RSS feeds. Set up multiple dashboards by categories. Making for straightforward navigation to preferred RSS feeds.
  • Choose the RSS feeds you prefer.

Visual tools – When I find content to curate, depending on my needs I might curate it to a visual platform. I choose the content to curate.

  • Pinterest as another blogger described it ‘the granddaddy’ of visual content curation.
  • Flipboard content curation set up as Magazines. Each magazine can hold 1 or multi-topics.

Aggregators – These places find content for me, usually based on a keyword or category selected.

  • actually performs two ways for me. It gathers content and allows me to schedule to my social media platforms. The paid version will allow for adding the RSS feeds of interest.

Here is a list of content curators. Below are 2 I am trying out. The jury is still out on these.

  • Zimilate is similar to the other visual tools; define a category and add content to it.
  • ScoopIt chooses categories and/or keywords to follow.


I firmly believe content curation and follow-up are relevant to each other. It’s important to continually build relationships, to find ways to follow-up with your circle. Showing your authority through content curation is an excellent way of doing this.

Find further information on how this technique works or if you require help designing Follow-up strategies for after your events – start with a Free consult.


What other questions on content curation do you have?


Until next time.

Take Time to Live a Life that Inspires You.


*I have used affiliates on this blog, check out my disclosure page.

photo credit – Image 1: Chiculy Wall Flower Garden taken by Gina Davis;

photo credit – Image 2: Valentine’s Card created by Gina Davis; SendOutCards PhotoStore;

photo credit – Image 3: ClearSpan Picture Hanging System by Phil Manker via photopin (license);