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Content Curation for Brand Building: The Tools

Content curation is a big part of online activity these days. Where once upon a time it was all about creation, now the act of sharing, collecting and enjoying images, videos, blog posts and other forms of media is as much a part of the experience as anything else. Here are 4 tools for your content curation for brand building



Pinterest has had a meteoric rise. One of the fastest growing social media sites of all time, brands are still a little iffy when it comes to properly utilizing it for marketing. Content curation and distribution are both important in equal measure.

Creating boards is a simple way to organize pinned content, both your own and others. Make sure you select an appropriate cover image for each, use keywords and good descriptions, and take advantage of hashtags.

When you are providing your own content, be sure you are making it as enticing as possible for pinners. The image should be high quality and convey the message of the link it represents. You can use text overlays, which is a popular method of gaining more attention. Inforgraphics are also pinned regularly on the site.

If you really want to give your brand an edge, consider opening a business account. It has extra features such as analytics, which can help you target your curation towards a more successful marketing campaign.

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Feedly has more than 15 million readers that use the application. That means 15 million potential viewers for your content. In spite of this, a shocking number of otherwise popular content sources have failed to create a feed for the platform.

Another benefit of Feedly is the Buffer integration. You can share content to all of your social networks, while providing an easy to access RSS feed for your readers. If you really want to customize it, add a couple of available IFTTT recipes to make it really work for you.


Content has become remarkably social in the last few years. News sources regularly check social media for breaking news and tips. Some of the biggest stories have been broken on Twitter, and picked up by websites like Mashable.

How do they do it? You will find that when you write social stories you are driving engagement on a whole new level.



Want to share a lot of different content that is based around the same general topic? Bundlr allows you to bundle together images, news stories, links, videos and more. You package the content, then share it with whoever you choose.

This is the newsletter of the future. Easy to use, quick and very visual, it is perfect for those who want to create a social ezine, and step away from the emailed newsletters of the past.

They have a free version that offers basic features, so you can try it for yourself first. But it is worth paying for the premium version, which allows unbranded embedding for only $20 per year, along with analytics, no ads, and a handful of other perks.

This is as much a discovery tool as it is a curation tool. It allows you to find, organize and publish great content in order to boost your online visibility. That is the primary goal, and the simplicity of the task makes it all the more successful in practice.

It works with a three step process: you search for interesting content online. When you find something incredible, you make it your own by giving it your little personal spin. Then you share it out to the people who you know what to see it on various social media platforms.

It’s also great for collecting content idea and getting inspired! is used by brands as big as Microsoft and Nissan.



This one is added by the fellow MBU user Philip Turner

I have downloaded Curationsoft, There are 3 prices; free (with ads), $47pa or $97 lifetime. I like that I can import snippets onto my own site rather than a subdomain on the curation software site. Too early to make a definite reccomendation, but it is definitely worth a look


Content curation is easy, effective, and an important part of generating visibility and building a brand in today’s online environment. The tools above are all incredible resources for doing this. Best of all, you can use all of them without diluting your efforts, many of them being cross compatible and connected.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity. Get your content seen through curation, and begin sharing other people’s work. You will be amazed by the results.

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  1. Hi Anna, thanks for helping me out this week.

    Pinterest is my main source of content curation. I have a hidden board ‘Articles for later’ that I add any content I would like to read later and/or share later.

  2. Hi Anna,

    Awesome post! I would like to recommend including Curata in your next list. Curata offers a powerful content curation software as well as a content marketing platform. For more information, check out Curata CCS here: Thank you in advance for your consideration!


  3. I vacillate over content curation. I know the logic and editing this article helped me to get my head together on this.

    I tried one of the free options (I cannot remember which one) and was disappointed with the results. I am leaning towards the lifetime CurationSoft deal because I want to *own* what I do.

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