Custom Growth Group Blog Schedule -Spring 2014

Custom Growth Group blog schedule

In April 2014, Custom Growth Group blog schedule has gone through some changes. Since October 2013 we have had a monthly newsletter going out. Because we are adding extreme value to that newsletter we decided to devote a full week to preparing it, instead of just a couple of days.  Which means we needed to change the blog schedule.

Custom Growth Group blog schedule

First week of the month – Email Newsletter

An Added Value item created with the idea of growing your business

Second week of the month – Blog

Blog 1 of the month will move into the week after the email newsletter is released.

Third week of the month – Blog

Blog 2 will continue on the mid month schedule

Fourth week of the month – Special events, Guest Poster, Contest or ?

The fourth week will be for highlighting special events, guest posters, having an occasional contest or whatever we can imagine.

Custom Growth Group’s blog posting schedule is usually the Wednesday of that week.  The email newsletter will be sent out on Tuesdays mornings.

What to expect on the 1st & 4th* week:

Email Newsletter –
  • Since the beginning of the year the newsletter layout has been changed and new categories of content have been added.
  • The newsletter will start off with either a blog or short article written by editor, Gina Davis, which will only be available through the email newsletter.
  • Also inside the newsletter will be rotating categories, that included but are not limited to -tips, wisdoms, links to articles from other bloggers that we read that we feel have value and products & services, that I recommend – some will be affiliates, some won’t. We will be looking for other ideas to add extreme value so keep watching.
  • Make sure you are getting this complimentary added value item courtesy of Custom Growth Group.
Guest Posters
  • We have seen some clever ideas for growing your business using contest. Therefore we will be running contest every few months or so.
  • This is currently an endeavor in progress. As we get a clear picture of how, what, when – we will post the details.
  • We will be looking for sponsors for these contest. If you have any interest in being a sponsor or maybe to ask what that might look like, contact me.
Special events and more
  • We are really excited to add value in another week offering from Custom Growth Group and are looking for ideas and suggestion.
  • Do you do something that you believe brings value to your blog and website or have you seen someone else with something very interesting.
  • We are opening comments on this section for this month.
  • Jump in with your thoughts.

Thanks to everyone that stops by our website. We welcome comments as simple as Hi, I was here, to value suggestions, ideas or your thoughts on the topic.

* Because it is such short time frame, for the 4th week –  for this months offering we will have to put something together quickly. Most likely a contest with a nice prize from SendOutcards.

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In Memory of
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Until next time.
Take time to live a life that inspires your work.

Gina Davis, Custom Growth Group