5 thoughts on “Dear Reader, Are you Social Sharing?

  1. Hi Gina,

    To be successful as bloggers, we are expected to connect and network with other bloggers as it’s futile to attempt to attain success as a blogger without a connection.

    And the way to connect is by sharing the post of the bloggers you ‘d like to connect with.

    Thanks for sharing this post.



    1. Hi Dan,

      It’s great to met you.

      Yes, you have described an excellent way of engaging an audience if they are all bloggers. And indeed at times I have done this myself.

      Let me pose this question to you.

      What if the blogger’s audience or target market are not bloggers? If my target market are not bloggers, am I spinning my wheels by blogging? I have to think that there is a significant amount of the audience online that are not bloggers. It is a dilemma I struggle with… can my target audience find me.

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