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DIY Holiday Photo Ornament How-to Webinar

Hello everyone! This is Gina Davis. I’m with Custom Growth Group and I’m in partnership with SendOutCards.

Welcome to today’s webinar.  Because We’re right at the holiday season time, I wanted to show you the SendOutCard’s photo store and how to create a Photo Ornament for a loved one.

Set up a SendOutCard Accounts

If you don’t have a SendOutCard account, type in  Check out the videos, Brick & Mortar to Click n Order – talks about the SendOutCard, Greeting Card revolution.  SendOutCard Retail – customers talk about how SendOutCards change their lives.  Or check out the video Show Me the Opportunity or Our Vision.    Then, scroll down to bottom page and click on ‘Ways to Get Started’ button or click this link here.

Options are subscription or pay-as-you go.   There is a $10 pay-as-you go (you will pay $2p/card + postage) or $10 a month (pay $1 p/card + postage).   And if you are a volume user the $31 a month (pay .63cents + postage).

Click blue ‘Join Now’ button on upper right.  Your Sponsor’s ID: 64356.   Once you have filled out all your information.  Watch for your email, will Log in instructions.

Welcome to SendOutCards.  Don’t hesitate to contact me for your 1 1/2 hour free workshop – Building Better Relationships workshop and training session.  Email me here for scheduling a time.

Existing and New SendOutCard Accounts

To get to get started, everybody open a browser window and go type in If you’re not logged in, go on and logged in.  Once you’re logged in, click on main menu and we will get started.

SendOutCards Website +SOC Photo Store

Hopefully, most of you are familiar with the SendOutCards website    On the SendOutCards website you are able to create a greeting card, attach a gift to it and it’s mailed out for you to your family, loved one, friend, or associate. Also attached to the SendOutCards website is the SOC Photo Store. Look on the left of your browser window, below the Main Menu tab for a  blue button that says “SOC Photo Store.” Click on that.

Because this is a different website, you may have to sign up on this website, just use your SendOutCards userid & password.  There is a short overview video available when you sign up. Pause the video here if you need to.

Welcome back. This is the SOC Photo Store was added to give you more flexibility to your SendOutCards Account.  You should be on the homepage.  As you can see here, you’ve got a range of items here that you can click on, but we’re really gonna start here, where it says ‘Learn More and Pricing.  Here you will get a breakdown of all  items that are available, if they’re available in a different size, a different quantity, and they’ll give you the pricing. SOC Photo Store Home PageYou can choose an item to create from this screen also.  I’m just gonna click through each of these items quickly to give you an overview of them.

• Photobooks -2 different sizes
• Calendars
• Wall art – available in canvas, metal, photo print, and posters.
• Business tools – such as standard & tri-panel business cards, pamphlets/booklets.
• Bulk Cards – available in flat & 2 panel, both come with envelopes.
• Mobile cases – available for iPhone & Samsung Galaxy 3.
• Other gifts – included photo ornaments, a mouse pad, photo mug, playing cards.
• T-shirt – design front and/or back, in men & women sizes, in white.

Photobooks and calendars make are really great holiday gift.  The tri-panel business is a very cool idea and what a great idea to make yourself stand out from your competition. You should check it out and see if it’s something you might be interested in.   Bulk cards are really great for invitation for birthdays, save the dates, really any event you can think of.  You can hand address and sign them or pass them out.  The Other gift section make really great gifts ideas.  Create photo ornaments for anytime of the year.

Today we will be doing the photo ornament for the holidays.

DIY Photo Ornament – for this walk through, I am using the Berlin ornament & the red theme -Joy, Love & Peace

1.  On menu bar, click on Home.Front of Ornament

2.  Click on ‘Other Gifts’.

3.  Click on ‘Ornaments’.
a. Round
b. Berlin – rectangle
c. Prague – square
d. London – snowflake
e. Benelux – oval

Entering the SOC Photo Store Editor.  At the top of the Photo Editor you should be on Step 1, Select a Product.
4.  Gift Options – on right side of browser, click on drop down arrow.

Take a minute and check out how each option looks.
5.  Choose your preferred ornament option.

Later you will have option to come back to #4 & 5 if you change your mind.Back of ornament
6.  Click on ‘Next Step’ – in bottom right corner, click on red button.

You can Save your project and come back later.  You will pick up where you left off.  To do so, in bottom right side of window, Click on grey button ‘Save’.  Tip:  Save your project, in case of computer crash.  Otherwise you will be asked to Save when you try to exit mid project.
7.  Choose a Theme
a.  design your own – using backgrounds, artwork & your photos to design from scratch.
b.  full size photo – keep it simple and just use a photo; optional included artwork on top of photo.
c.  theme templates – each template is set up for you, just add your photo(s); click on each one to see what the theme looks like on your ornament.  Some ornament options have different selections for themes.  Some themes have a back design, some won’t.  You can add your own.   At this point you might want to check them out.  e.g. the Benelux ornament has additional themes.  To do that, in bottom right corner choose the grey button ‘Previous Step’.  this will take you back to Step 4.

Once you have made your final selection for ornament style & theme:  At the top of the Photo Editor you should be on Step 2, Choose a Theme.
8.  Click on ‘Next Step’ – in bottom right corner, click on red button.

Now you are able to edit your selection, edit text, artwork, borders, background.  At the top of the Photo Editor you should be on Step 3, Edit Your Product.
9.  Select an object on your ornament or choose an object to add:
Hovering over an object on your ornament will give you a outline of the object.  Once you have the outline, click inside it.  Black rectangle box allows you to resize, reposition/move, rotate, adjust placement of your object or delete it.  
Objects to edit or add, just drag n drop objects:  See tabs on bottom left of your window
a.  Backgrounds – choose from the many categories; if you are designing your own I recommend  starting with background.
b.  Photos – add these next.  All photos     are in the SendOutCards Photo Gallery and     are accessible in the SOC Photo Store.
c.  Borders – options are Fancy & Drop     Shadow, Mask & Straight Borders; Next,     decide if you want to add a border to your     photo.  Tip:  Drag border onto photo.
d.  Artwork – choose from the many     categories;  Next add artwork to decorate     your ornament
e.  Text box – add your message,     salutations, etc.  Type in the area at the     bottom of the editor.  Change font style,     size, color, alignment, etc.

10.  Rinse and repeat for Back of design.  In top left of window, Click on Back.

Once you are happy with the overall look of your design.
11.  Click on ‘Preview’; on bottom right of window, click on red button.

Last time to make any changes, once you verify, no changes can be made.  
12.  Click on ‘Add to Cart’; Verify your project.

Tips for using the Photo Editor

Undo/Redo last operation – find this is upper right corner of window, looks like classic undo/redo arrows.

? X buttons in upper right corner – click on ‘?’ for tutorials; click on ‘X’  Closing photo editor.

Editing an Object Black Box:

Black rectangle box allows you to resize, reposition/move, rotate, adjust placement of your object or delete it.

Selecting an object – hovering over an object on your ornament will give you a outline of the object.  Once you have the outline, click inside it.

Move or reposition object – select ‘Move’, then select object; click hold and drag cursor.  To center objects watch for the blue horizontal and/or vertical lines.

Resizing an object – select ‘Resize’, then select object; in black box choose ‘Resize’; look for double arrows attached to cursor.
To increase size -click hold and drag cursor to the right;
To decrease size -click hold and drag cursor to the left.

Rotating an object – select ‘Rotate’, then select  object; in black box choose ‘Rotate’; look for double arrows attached to cursor.
Rotate to right -click hold and drag cursor to the right;
Rotate to left -click hold and drag cursor to the left.

Place object in front or back – here select object first, then select ‘Place in xxx’.

Delete object – select object first, then select ‘Delete’.

Editing a Photo Black Box:  extra options

All the above options are same for Photos.

Edit Photo – select photo, select ‘Edit Photo’; this opens the Edit box.
a. rotate photo – inside frame
b. zoom – make larger & smaller inside frame
c. pan – move photo left & right in frame
d. red eye – remove
e. black & white – turn to a B&W photo
f. sepia  – turn to an old time looking photo
g. gaussian blur – blurs photo
h. oil painting – turn into a painting

Crop photo – select photo, select ‘Crop’; move square boxes will cut off edges of photo.

Set as background – select photo, select ‘Set as Background’; this will cover up/delete any artwork. You can use undo operation.

Other tips

Download photos –  up to 40 photos can be downloaded at one time.  My recommendation is if you are working in the middle of a project, download no more than 10 photos at a time, so that you are quickly back to work.  Download more than 10, if you can walk away and let it process.

Organize your photos – SendOutCards Photo Gallery allows you to organize your photos by categories and give them tags for easier searching.

Final thoughts

Hope you have fun with your SendOutCards Photo Store and this DIY Photo Ornament.  I would love to see what you did.  Share your finished Photo Ornament here in comments or on Facebook.

If you haven’t had the chance check out my other Holiday Webinar, ‘How to Create Custom Photo Christmas Cards Online; Print and Mailed for You!


Holiday Challenge

Tell me about you and your family’s favorite Family Holiday Traditions.


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