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Engaging status updates for Organic Reach on Facebook for Business Pages

Facebook Business Page, Content Reach
New Facebook for business changes went live Jan 2015.

Sept 2013 I did a post on changing your Facebook business page’s name. The content has been updated and is current as of Jan 9, 2015.  To date it has been the most visited page on CustomGrowthGroup’s website. Many people where asking, how will the new Facebook changes affect status updates’ organic reach.

Facebook Business Page, Content Reach

photo credit: leeander via photopin cc

In light of the new Facebook developments, I wanted to evaluate how these modifications affect our Facebook Business pages.  Now more than ever as a business owner, we need current and up to date information on social media innovations. What status updates for organic reach are working? How are these differences affecting your content’s reach. Reach is the number of people that theoretically see your status updates on your Facebook business page. How many fans are seeing your content now? These questions continue a hotly debated topic between Facebook and Facebook Business page owners.

Can Facebook for Business Owners Determine Best Practices

Today I want to identify best practices when it comes to content for your Facebook business page. Post that have meaningful content, that your fans will be interested in.

Facebook is saying your fans don’t want status updates that are pushy -like buy a product or install an app. That fans don’t want post that offer little or no context for promotions & sweepstakes (what the heck does that mean) and fans do not want to look at ads in Facebook newsfeed. Facebook made their changes, as results of organic reach plummeting.

I detect glaring problems, due to these statements being open to interpretation by Facebook, the community & businesses.  Who is going to regard this situation in the same light as the next person. It amounts to a frustrating time for business owners.

Therefore, the content suggestions here are my opinion. Based on what I have gleaned from other sources and what at this moment seem to be the best practices for my fan base.


Transparency for CustomGrowthGroup

To make this meaningful I have displayed transparency with my Facebook Business page. I’ve struggled with growing likes. As of this writing (Jan 9, 2015) my page is at 233, with a quarterly goal of 250. I made the decision early on, that I wanted organic growth for my Facebook business page. People should like CustomGrowthGroup’s Facebook business page because they recognize a value, not just for another warm body like.


Likes for my business page should be organic as long as CustomGrowthGroup offers quality social media post. Each & every status update must meet my high standards for meaningfully content. CustomGrowthGroup’s social media strategy for content covers, however is not limited to business, marketing, social media, personal interest stories and business interest stories. Each post has value and should be either interesting and/or humorous.

Fans, do you observe this on my Facebook Business Page? What would you like for me to do different? What topics interest you greatly?

With the new changes on Facebook, several impression concerning Reach become obvious. Unshared post are rarely hit the teens. Yet status updates that are being shared are seeing 3x to 40x increase in Reach and can easily have higher reach with more sharing. Post ‘likes’ do not seem to make a difference to Reach.  Last of all, it is apparent that particular status update types are certain to be favored.


Best Practices: Status updates for organic reach

That being said, here are ideas along with examples.

Facebook business page, share post, reach
  • Interesting images – Fans still seem to favor interesting image status updates.
    1. infographics
    2. colorful
    3. charts
    4. text images

The above image shows that this post reached an almost 500 reach, from 2 shares.

  • Quotes – Particularly quotes that are recognizable.Facebook-BP-post-growth-010915
    1. quotes from your blog
    2. quotes from famous people
    3. quotes that are famous
    4. quotes that resonate with people

This image shows a quote that had one share and reached 46 people. Also see where I re-shared my Happy New Year blog and it didn’t make it to 10 people, no shares.FBP-article-share-plus-quote-010915

  • Articles – choose content that would be of interest to your target market
    1. your new blog post
    2. reuse your old blog post
    3. someone else’s articles
    4. videos

Here is an article I shared, 1 like -with no change in the Reach.

  • Engage – add in content that can start conversation.
    1. questions
    2. polls
    3. surveys
    4. fill in the blank

Indeed, in this one area, I am guilty of not doing using post to engage. The reason being, that in the past when I have posted content of this type, I would rarely notice any engagement. This source is rather frightening when it comes to low fan bases. I have always attributed low engagement to my low fan numbers and that source seems to support it. What do you think?

  •  Other – this group is probably going to be the least preferred to be seen by your fans, use it sparingly.
    1. testimonials
    2. product & service review
    3. your product & service announcement
    4. research that I you are doing
    5. sales or promotions you are offering

Will this affect my Social Media Strategy?

We are more than a week into the new Facebook changes. Ultimately where this will lead is undetermined. Right now, sharing a status update seems to increase reach for a Facebook business page. Yet we are told that because organic reach is plummeting fewer people will be viewing our content, which means fewer shares. This means as a business owner these changes frustrate me. Do I keep investing in the social media platform and strategies for Facebook?

In conclusion, even though I have considered the validity of dropping Facebook for business page, CustomGrowthGroup will not be throwing in the hat anytime soon. I will continue to look at fresh ideas, suggestions and best practices found in articles from the experts of the social media industry.


Help your favorite business. Visit their Facebook Business Page and share one of their post. Repeat often.

Until next time.
Take Time to Live a Life that Inspires You.