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Mr. Invisible Man? Establishing Communication Strategies for your Business

establishing communication strategies for your business

establishing communication strategies for your business

When was the last time you tried to get in touch with someone? But were unable to locate them because their information was nowhere to be found and/or you couldn’t remember their name. As a business owner are you establishing communication strategies that easily connect your prospects and customers to your business?

Jeesh it’s HOT outside and this broke down AC is not helping. You frantically look through your phone for the number. No wait! He gave you a business card. ?What did I do with that card? Suddenly, comes the sick realization that you threw it out the last time you cleared your desk. Next you’re desperately calling your friend,
then your uncle, trying to locate that guy’s number.

humorous tempatures
Frustrating right! Well, it’s NOT your fault. Yea that’s right, I said it… it’s the fault of that business owner. He has done nothing to establish visibility with you. Business owners should be establishing connections with their prospects and especially their clients on several fronts. Otherwise, Mr. Business Owner would just as well be Mr. Invisible Man. You know he’s out there, but you can’t find him. Actually you may be wondering is he still out there.

Business owners, do you see yourself in this scenario?  That’s right, not having contact on a regular basis can lead your potential prospects and past clients to wonder if you’re in business.

Establishing a Communication Strategy

It’s time you started establishing a communication strategy, that keeps you connected with prospects and clients, ultimately keeping them in the loop. Do your business prospects and clients really know you? At the end of the day, are they loyal to you? Are they return, repeat customers that are your SHOUTING RAVING fans that repeatedly give you referrals?

Establishing Visibility – Do your prospects and clients really know you? How to get in touch with you? In more ways the one? How often do they hear from you?

Everything being equal; your service, your product. A customer will choose first to do business with someone they know, like and trust. And with someone that has established a firm line of communication. My above scenario aside; most people will take the easy option and move on to the next Google’d business.

It comes down to – Do your prospects and clients know how to easily and quickly find and contact you. Business owner should have multiple communication options and connect with their prospects and clients often. Remember when communicating, it should be more about them.

Establishing Credibility – Do you ask yourself? Why aren’t my customers loyal to me? The question should be, what am I doing to ensure that my customers are loyal?

As I previously mentioned, if your service and products are great, even excellent that is good. But there are others in your industry that can and do fit that mold. Next you have to establish yourself as unique, usual and exceptional.. outside of the box. Bringing that extra to your client on the job isn’t enough, find ways outside of the job.

What unique flavor can you give to your customers. This has the happy stance of keeping you top of mind between jobs.

Establishing Profitability –  Do you have return, repeat customers that are your SHOUTING RAVING fans that repeatedly give you referrals? Are you keeping your foot in their proverbial door, without being obtrusive, maintain a consistent line of communication.

It’s time to go automatic and establish communication strategies that keep you ‘Top of Mind’.

What is a ‘Top of Mind’ strategy, simply put – techniques that get your business name in front of clients in a way that is about them. The 80/20 rule is a great in this instance. 80% of the content you push their way should be about them, not your latest and greatest [insert here something about your business]. Examples are: Thank you notes, tips, articles… anything that gives them value. This goes back to the doing something outside of the box, that makes you unique from your competition.

Building a communications strategy

When it comes to communications, are you a ‘Drive-by’ waiting to happen desert streetsor are you using concrete methods that keep those communication lines open. In this day and age, hoping they’ll drive by your contact information will not work.

Let me count the ways, I can and will communicate with my target market. Are you using every possible way to communicate with your prospect and clients.

It amazes me when I hear people in business only communicate via only one or two ways. They are missing out on many chances to connect. I often find that connecting with someone takes several tries to find the right mix.

  • Verbal communication
    • face to face – social & business
    • phone calls
    • texting
    • webinars – live
    • conference calls
  • Online communication
    • social media
    • email
    • instant messaging
    • Skype/Google Hangout
    • webinars – replay
    • video
  • Offline communication
    • thank you notes
    • cards – prospecting
    • cards – other
    • business cards
    • dvd
    • in person meeting
    • conferences
    • meetings

Move past just giving your clients good service. Otherwise, you are missing out on a several great ways to build your relationship with your clients. What else can you do? Custom growth Group offers specific strategies that best fit you, your business and your prospects and customers. Complimentary session available upon request.


We would like to hear how you step out of the box when communicating with your prospects and clients? Do you use an usual twist?

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