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8 Tips to Figure out your Why

figure out your why


Happy New Year! This time of year is both a time of reflection and expectation for me. 2015 is finished. Did I accomplish my goals? Now that 2016 has arrived, what goals do I hope to realize? While considering what I should concentrate on this year, I also have to ask myself, Why? Why am I doing, what I am doing? What is ‘My Why’? Is it still the same as when I started my business? Or is it different? Would you like to figure out your Why? Yes, read on.

figure out your why

Tips to Figure Out Your Why

2008 the past


Looking back to late 2008 and early 2009, when I was looking for a business, there were many reasons I decided to start my own. My blogs, “Why I Chose to Become a Home-Based Business Owner?” and “7 reasons Why I Choose Network Marketing” cover these reasons. Many of the ideas, mentioned in both articles are still valid for me.



Tip 1: When standing at the crossroads, making a decision is imperative. Trying is more important, regardless of results.


My business journey has followed a path, that in the beginning I deemed the most advantageous. But as often happens, suddenly you are present or even given an opportunity that leads you in a slightly different direction. Indeed, this happened in my business over the last few years. Because of this I really want to look at ‘My Why’ again. In fact, since early this year, I had been considering this as a future blog topic. Finally I wrote it down, in my editorial calendar early November, 2015.

Recently, my BNI Director, Jana Cardona, ask us to write out our ‘Why’s’ as a exercise to bring more focus on what we want to accomplish. Shortly after that, my BNI chapter’s education coordinator, Michael Stansbury, ask us, “Evaluate and figure out your Why.”


Tip 2: The universe will talk to you. Are you listening?


Kinda seems like the universe was talking to me, especially with two outside sources saying the same thing. You might be asking, ‘Do I need a Why?’ I think Debra Tappen, said it perfect, You don’t need a WHY statement to live, but I believe having one equips you to live a life with focus and intentionally leveraging your true purpose.’


My Orginal Why: The Mission and Vision Statements

My Mission Statement:

Encourage and support men and women to realize a successful business as confident business owners.


Looking back at this statement, I see now that this was a reflection of where I was as a business person at the time. That statement, was more about what I was looking for at the time. And by doing what I was looking for, in turn I would find what I need. I was leading by example.


Tip 3: Write your future statements for what you need at the time, along with what you want for the future.


My Vision Statement: 

This was future dated for Jan 2013.

I have become a global referral marketer guru by building quality business relationships. I influence 10,000’s of fellow business owners, entrepreneurs and people in business.

Over the last 3 years I have stepped up into leadership positions time and time again. Helping those organizations grow. I’m changing the face of women in the Memphis area and globally.

At that time I was solely concentrating on SendOutCards, so this next part was concerning this.

I have built a large team with SendOutCards. Helping people to grow their business or start their own SendOutCards business. Instilling confidence into each business owner leading them to a successful business.

I am being asked to speak at business conferences and other events. I’ve successfully released a book on referral marketing. My webinars are viewed by millions.

I make time to be with my family. Often my husband, Robert and sons, Austin & Ryan or siblings, Duane & Teresa travel with me on my speaking engagements. We vacation often, flying 1st class w/o blinking an eye at the coast.  *updated: I fly in my own private Cessna plane for business and vacations.

Several of these evolved over the years and there were causes that came to be important. Let’s see how it’s changed.


Tip 4: Expect modifications, even changes in values to affect your statements.


Here are my thoughts on what is important to me now:


Fulfillment – Having something that is solely mine, that I babied and grew from it’s infancy to a success. My father started us in real estate as early as the 80’s. We’ve flipped houses and had rentals in the past. Currently my sister and I are co-owners of several rental properties. Yet, until starting my business, Custom Growth Group, I had never started anything by myself. In 2016, my son, Ryan and I are looking to start a business together. I’m excited to see what the future actual brings.

Financial Competence – I’ve been extremely lucky. My father left us a nice chunk. His estate included real estate and investment accounts. I knew from reading the 2nd generation, has a very hard time holding on to money that is passed down.

The economy dumping really scared me and I think has led to me being more conscious of how I wasn’t handling our money. One of my goals since 2008 has been ‘Financial Competence’. NOT financial freedom, which so many are apt to say. I’m a firm believer you got to manage the money you have now. How can you attract more money to you, if you are mismanaging what you currently have?


Tip 5: Evaluate your mindset for all areas that your statements will affect. If you have a mindset roadblock, then you will have to work through that roadblock.


This way of thinking came from studying with T.Haver Eckard from his Millionaire Mind Series. Here they concentrate on changing your mindset on money. OF course David Ramsey is an excellent course for learning to manage your money.

Diversity – As I mentioned previously, the economy dumping scared me. Previous to 2009, every bit of our income was coming from one source, my family’s business. My husband’s income, he worked in the family business and my income, from rentals and loans from the tenant in my family’s properties. This was one of the reasons that lead me to start my own business. My family and I still look for ways to continue to diversify.


Tip 6: Use the strife and hardships, what scares you as the force to change your life. ‘May the force be with you.’

reading, studying



Education – Growing myself has always been extremely important. Looking back over my life, ultimately, I saw the greatest growth was when I pushed myself. Stepping outside the box, beyond my comfort zone, lead to growing into more confidence (one thing I was unable to communicate, that I wanted in my original why).



Tip 7: Educate yourself beyond formal training and schools. Find topics that interest you and grow your knowledge. Spend time increasing your knowledge will help you in any endeavor.


Time and Flexibility – The ability to act on, to do what I want, when I want to do it and where I want to do it. Time freedom or management is one area I constantly struggle with. It goes beyond the simple planning my day out to the extreme of being able to pick up my day and move it where I want to. So it both time and flexibility to be where I want and not worry about how that is going to affect my life or business.

Connections – I want and crave connecting with others, building relationships, both personal and business. Being in business, has lead to meeting interesting people. Some of those became friends and business associates and others are part of my ever growing network of people I know and influence. Who have also influenced me.

Helping – Since that first Mission statement and Why vision, I’ve known that in some shape or form I want to help people with their business’ growth. I love helping others. Yet I have to be careful not to give my knowledge and my intelligential property away. I strive to find those people in business that want help and know that sometimes you have to pay to get the right help.

Legacy equals familyI have even come to adopt this policy more firmly. I love free stuff, even doing it myself. This goes back to educating yourself on managing your income, your business and even your life. How can you know what is the best course, if you don’t have a  rudimentary knowledge of the situation. So, yes, I do hire people to educate me, then I delegate that work to those you can do it more efficiently and with greater knowledge than me. It’s a juggling act between obtaining the right amount of knowledge, whereas you know you need outside help.

Legacy – my business is not my legacy… it’s being able to provide opportunities for my kids and my kids, kids.  Opportunities like education, owning a business, traveling, etc.

Activity – I want the ability to be active, to be able to do what I want to do, when I want to do, where I want to do. I also want to pass this on to my children



Tip 8: Identify your legacy, this will most likely be your ultimate why.


I’ve run out of time, but still need to drill down into my ‘Why’ more. For me this is an ongoing process. I intend to revisit often as I spend time working all this out.

I really like the way I originally wrote a letter to myself, that is my goal once I am more clear on my Why to write a letter to my future self. Keep an eye out for that. And I would like to hear about your Why. Why are you doing what you are doing? What is your Why?