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Fixing Google Search Box no website results occuring

Google adsense search box

Early this year I made the decision to work on monetizing my blog.

Google Adsense was one way I was interested in determining if I could adopt.  My first project was to add the Google Search Box.  I used a great tutorial over at ShoutMeLoud; there you will also find a multi blog guide on Adsense.

With a few clicks I had my Google Search Box set up. A few days went by and I kept checking my search box for results. The problem was there were no results from my website was showing,  just the google search items.  And yes I had check the box for searching on the website. To tell you what happened next I will have to go back a few months this year.

Google adsense search box

Earlier this year, my old theme got hacked. I had been considering for awhile, two things: 1) finding a new theme, 2) finding a new hosting service. At that time, I decided to do both.

After some due diligence I decided on the Customizr theme and quickly got it set up. Next I search for a new hosting service, Flywheel rose to the top immediately. Flywheel (*af) is a managed hosting service. There were many great features, but the one that sold me was, they moved my website for me.

Up to this point, I had been working through this myself, other than occasional input and recommendations from my friend, SEO expert and website designer, Margaret Patrick with iDesign Business Link. After talking with her, I realized that my sitemap had not been updated, since moving to the Flywheel.  I realize quickly this was beyond what I wanted to do and asked her to step in and update it for me and send me the bill.

Yet, the culprit was still not quite fixed. According to Margaret, I still had one step left to do, my blogs had to be submitted to the index. Once this was done, they began showing up in the search results from the Google Adsense Search Box. This part was something I could do and yet none of the articles I was reading on setting up Google Adsense Search box mentioned this. I do believe these were special circumstances, yet maybe others that have this issue.

Thanks for your help, Margaret!

Submitting your blogs to index, using Google Search Console


On this page, click on the website you wish to update. That will take you to the dashboard.

google search console dashboard

Next, on the left menu, click on ‘Crawl’, then ‘Fetch as Google’.

google search console fetch as google

Next page shows two sections. Section 1: enter the blog web address here Section 2: here you can view what is going on with your blog post you’ve requested fetches for.

google search console fetch results

Next, locate a blog post on your website that needs to be fetch. Btw you should do this with all of your content, new and old. Obtain the tail section of the url, the part that is your title or keywords for that blog.  In this example I used keywords for the URL, rather than the whole title. Click the red ‘Fetch and Render’ button.

google search console url title keywords

The website url tail end should show up in results (1), then click on ‘Submit to index’ button (2).

google search console submit to index

Next, choose the Submit Method, typically I choose ‘crawl on this url’.

google search console submit method

There you are done. For the most part it will be instant, but occasionally you get a partial or incomplete. If you get a partial, click on the gray double arrows on the right and it will show and tell you what it was having issues with.  Then you can make a determination of what your next step is. For example, one of my partial returns was having issue with a plugin I use. Another was missing a image.


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