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‘GET STARTED with SendOutCards’?

If you haven’t set up your Basic Training or ‘Build Better Relationships’ Marketing Sessions, take a moment to give me a call and set this up. It is an important piece of strategy to ensure the success of your involvement with Custom Growth Group and in SendOutCards. Here is what you will need to know:


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getting started



SendOutCards has a great many tutorials. Here are some examples available on the Tutorial Page.

  • Creating & Sending Campaigns
  • Picture Plus 2.0
  • How to create a Video Card – using QR Codes
  • Importing Your Database




Creating your SendOutCards database/Contact Manager is the first thing you will need to do or have done. Basically, there are three ways to get your client base loaded into SendOutCards.

1. Enter each Name/address, one at a time into the SendOutCards Contact Manager.

2. Enter each Name/address, one at a time into a spreadsheet.

3. Generate a digital copy of your business database, put it into a spreadsheet. This is the easiest and fastest way.

Once all names/address are in the spreadsheet, you can import them into the SendOutCards database.   Having problems?, there is tutorial specifically for Importing your Contacts. Still having issues? I will be more than happy to assist you further. Formatted Spreadsheets are available: All are attached

  • One in Excel format,
  • One in / Libre format – free office suites,
  • One is also available on Google Drive.

A spreadsheet will make it easier to add a large amount of names from business cards, entry forms, and hard copy list.



Now you probably wonder what can I do with SendOutCards. As a Business Owner, I know you are looking for ways to grow your business, that is why SendOutCards is exceptional at filling in those cracks in your Customer Follow-up and your Marketing Strategy. SendOutCard users have some really exciting resources.

Your greatest resource is me, Gina Davis with 20yrs in Sales & Marketing, don’t hesitate to draw upon me for support with planning your business’ Marketing Campaigns.

For those that are extremely busy business people, Custom Growth Group and I offer a wide variety of additional services, including Business & Marketing Coach, Marketing Consulting, Event List Moderator to name a few. My niche continues to be helping my clients get and keep customers.

Help me, Gina!

Other Resources:

Now I’m excited to share with you some other Free Resources for your business and SendOutCards.

Facebook: This ‘Yours Truly’ Business Facebook page.

My Blogs:  Visit my website for tips and great articles on ‘building better relationship’ and growing your business.

Twitter:  Find valuable business & marketing tips.

If you are more visual, check out one of my Pinterest Boards for help growing your business:

Pinterest Board: Clever Card Creation Ideas.

Pinterest Board: Custom Growth Group Marketing ideas & my blogs – The Money is in the Follow-up!

Delivered quarterly, we give you the inside information our recommended business & marketing strategies, plus product, book & app reviews & recommendation and leave you inspired to passionately grow your business.



Have you been enjoying your new SendOutCard system? In a couple of weeks or sooner, you might be needing some additional points for cards & gifts and/or additional money to cover postage and shipping & handling. Tutorials are available on the website covering purchases. Here are brief instructions for making those purchases.

  • After you log in.
  • Head to the Main Menu.
  • On the left side of the, under ‘My Account’ click on ‘Manage Points & Expenses’.
  • To buy additional points for cards & gifts or fund expense account for gift cards & postage – click on the blue button ‘Purchase Points & Expenses’.
  • To buy ‘Pay as you go points’ click on Purchase Points. Remember to get the best price, (Remember to get the best price, .49c – you will have to buy 200 points, which is just $98 plus tax.)

Other Business items are available now in the SendOutCard Photostore.   From the Main Menu, click on the blue button -SOC Photostore, Log in again and check out the Business Tools section. There you’ll find things items available for customization like Business Cards, Brochures, etc. with your Business Info. If you would like to discuss this contact me.

Customers & Distributors can upgrade to the Handwriting font & 4 signatures for $25.  Or you can opt to add 4 signatures for $5.

The Handwriting font & signature form is available online.
Instructions for returning your form are on the form.