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Goal Setting Interview Series – 1st Quarter 2015

goal setting, interview series

goal setting, interview series

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Good Day Everyone!

CustomGrowthGroup and I embarked on a new journey in 2015. Goal setting has always been an intricately part of my life and one of those goals -building the goal setting side of my business is finally coming to fruition.

I set goals in 5 areas of my personal & business life – those categories are Personal, Business, Dreams, Spiritual, Health & Finances. Of those 5 categories I have experience success in 80% of those categories. In the individual category, my success has ranged from 10% – 85%. Yet,w looking at this study, only 8% of people see any achievement. Why is this?

At the end of 2014 I started working on how to translate -How I set & managed goals into practical applications that I could share with my clients. I asked for several volunteers as I worked on this.

Today’s blog features 3 of the 6 people that chose to participate. The other 3 will be featured in a 2nd post for easier readability. Part 2 can be found here.



Goal Setting Interview with Wyvonia Woods Harris

WysJoyful, Wy, Wyvonia Woods Harris

Wyvonia Woods Harris

WysJoyful Company

Facebook Personal Page

Facebook Business page


 BlogTalk Radio – Wy’s Way of Wellness Radio Program


Q: Are you working on or planning to work on your Goals for 2015? 

Wy: I have answered the challenge to write some of my goals down to help me stay focused. I am starting by reading and writing down some specific questions and answers.

Q: Tell me, what is the biggest challenge you face? This can be in your personal or business life.

Wy: I am challenged to host an online radio program which has a wellness and ministry focus. I am also looking at increasing my income with speaking and writing events and experiences.

Q: Is this challenge related to one of your goals?

Wy: Yes. I will need to increase my speaking to at least one time every month and be able to host the online program every two weeks for the next six months.

Q: Please state this goal

Wy: I will have my book”Skies of My Sixties” ready for editing by February 28, 2015.

Q: What one goal do you wish had already happened?

Wy: I wish I had already filed (final?) my chapters from my journals already in place since I spoke this goal in January 2014 and I just talked about it all the year and did not find an editor and publisher.


Recently, I joined the MyBlogU community. It is an innovative community of writers and bloggers. Find out what TechWyse says about MyBlogU. Greg is my first Interview from that platform. Thanks, Greg.


Goal Setting Interview with Greg Divilbiss

Greg DiVilbiss

Greg DiVilbiss


Greg DiVilbiss

Greg DiVilbiss

I am a commercial Real Estate Developer that during the downturn became C.O.O. of a software company. I subsequently started a local marketing company. I have been studying personal development since High School (54 now) I meditate regularly. …My blog is about personal development, my companies are real estate and SEO & local marketing.
Q. Are you working on or planning to work on your Goals for 2015? (If you answer Yes here, only answer ‘Yes’ & ‘Both’ questions below. Same for answering No)

Greg: Yes I am planning on working on my goals in 2015. I have more reason than ever to hit specific goals.

Q. Yes I’ve written out goals: What is the biggest challenge you face?

Greg: I have partially written out goals in a couple of groups I am part of, including this one. I do not have a system to use that keeps me on track, yet I need one for sure. The biggest problem I have currently is getting more clients for my SEO business. I would love to have a system that was easy to follow and there was some type of accountability.

Q. Yes: Is this challenge one of your goals? Please state your goal.

Greg: Yes the challenge is one of my main goals. I need to get more clients to better improve my family situation. I had a challenging year in commercial real estate and I need to have the SEO firm move forward to start and replace my income. I also have children with college debt and dance expenses. I am determined to make 2015 the best year ever, but it is going to require discipline to accomplish.

Q. Both: Is there something that you want to do, learn or resolve in your personal or business life this year?

Greg: I for sure need to solve the problem of finances. I want to learn to be a better writer, for my blog and also as a copywriter for my internet activities. One of my other goals is to release a digital product and I need to learn what is involved with that. As far as getting new clients I need to learn more effective ways to reach and impact my prospects.

Q. Both: Any other comments or questions for the coordinator?

Greg: I really do not have any specific questions at this point. I am interested in what you are doing and can see how it could be a real benefit. If I had any question whatsoever it would be related to why are you doing this. How did you become interested in Goal achievement and teaching others. It would also be interesting to know how your goal setting activities helped you.

Gina: Greg, thanks for these questions. I am glad you see the benefits; to many dismiss goal setting usually because they failed to follow through. I struggled in the beginning, trying to figure out what worked. I talk about my first year in business and how I started writing goals in a previous blog. My parents definitely influenced me. I decided to help others, because part of being successful requires several elements -one of these is imparting your knowledge & wisdom’s. People learn by doing, therefore I knew I needed to incorporate practical applications. I have been thinking about doing a Goal Setting Report each year, similar to people that write about making money online, my favorite blogger for that is Pat Flynn. He generates Income Reports.


Goal Setting Interview with Beverly Borwick

Beverly Borwick, Interview series, goals, Resolution blog series

Beverly Borwick of Beverly Borwick Designs

email: Beverly at Beverly Borwick Designs

Facebook: Beverly’s Personal Page & Beverly’s Business Page


Q: Are you working on or planning to work on your Goals for 2015?

Bev: I am planning to achieve success in my goals for 2015

Q: Tell me, what is the biggest challenge you face? This can be in your personal or business life.

Bev: The greatest challenge I am facing is in my personal life. Recently I have had some physical and mental issues due to several falls, causing much anxiety toward possible corrections.

Q: Is this challenge related to one of your goals?

Bev: yes

Q: Please state this goal

Bev: My primary personal goal now is to undergo physical therapy and follow-up with medical specialists. Now that surgery is not being considered, as my condition improves and my focus becomes clear.

Q: What one goal do you wish had already happened?

Bev: Additional, I will address the creative commitments I made in 2014. My greatest victory will be in fulfilling these promises – excellently.

I will develop streamlined organization in my design studio, corralling the various components and materials I use in designing jewelry, sewing hostess aprons and other fashion accessories. As I progress, I expect to learn, make and enjoy the journey.

Time management and organization are my greatest difficulty. I will master this.

Q: Do you have additional comments or questions for your Hostess?

Bev: In mapping my goals, I typically set immediate (less than 1 month), short-term (3 and 6-month) and long-term goals (1 to 5 years). Then I monitor according to the timeframe I layout.

For immediate goals, I review and evaluate daily and weekly; short-term goals weekly and monthly, with daily check-in. Long-term goals are monitored frequently, with brief checks weekly and monthly. I rate my progress quarterly to make any adjustments in action steps and overall plan. Annually I do a thorough overall evaluation to see if I need to change my focus and ambitions.

My pastor uses a legal pad to list his goals. Rarely does he eliminate anything. At the end of the year, he pulls the list out and marks off all accomplished goals.

Additionally, It helps to talk about my goals and challenges with others. My greatest supporters are in my family, church, close friends and business friends and collaborators. Their greatest gift to me is accountability. I sincerely thank them all.

I am thankful for this platform for planning goals. Gina, thank you for this opportunity.



What is the next step? As I mentioned before, I am working on practical applications for my clients. Each interviewee received a consult with recommendations afterwards. Several of the participants were asked to rewrite their goals using a positive form of goal setting to clarify their goals. Another item I touched on during consult -breaking down large goals. Goals should be in easily manageable bites.

Between now and the end of the quarter participates will receive check-in points to help them move their goals along. The quarter will end with a follow up series of questions for the 1st quarter.

Until next time.

Take Time to Live a Life that Inspires You.

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  1. I have never been much of a planner, but after years of failing around and getting nowhere, I finally took out a notebook today to schedule my days as precisely as possible!

    1. Hi Merlene, Thanks for stopping by.

      Scheduling your goals is an excellent start. How do you keep up with your goal Setting? I recently switch to online journals.

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