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Resolution Diaries: Goal Setting for 2015 – an interview blog series

2015 happy new year mosaic


2015 happy new year mosaic



Good goal setting becomes a significant activity this time every year for many people. I like the action of putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and making a record of what I determine to accomplish. A short and long term intention of commitment. Writing a strong, actionable plan, by adding the step of reviewing goals on a regular basis.


Yet many people do not bother to write down their resolutions, much less review them.  Even I have let my plans drift to the wayside unintentionally. Checking in on a desired time schedule makes a goal more substantial, therefore more likely to happen. With this in mind and to make it easier to keep on track, I am developing a new blog series this year that tackles just this.

One of my continuing goals is to offer -added value to my network of advisors, associates, blog readers, clients,  etc.  CustomGrowthGroup’s next blog series for 2015 is the Resolution Diaries -an Interview Series. This blog series is designed to help participants keep focused on goals they want to achieve. For the participant, I offer guidance and my expertise on goal setting through a series of emails, forum for the participants and quarterly workshops. Details available later.

CustomGrowthGroup’s Resolution Diaries – the Interviews

I have asked a few specific people to participate. Space is limited for this series. Yet I have a few empty slots left, see below to save your spot. Participants answer quarterly questions to be included in quarterly blog.

I will be asking approximately 2 – 5 questions per quarter. Keep in mind you will be reporting back at the beginning of the next quarters (April, July, Oct, Jan). Participants will be able to switch to another goal at that time or keep this same goal to the next quarterly check in.

Each quarter that you participate, your response will be feature in the blog series with links to your social media, website, blogs.

If you are new to goal setting or feel you need a review -start out by reading Reflection – Goal Setting, the Process of Reviewing followed by Goal Setting Template – The Anatomy of a Good Goal.

*** There are a few spots still available ***             Spots have all been filled for 1st quarter. Contact me to get on a wait list

To participate: Sign up for CustomGrowthGroups’ Resolution Diaries here.

Shortly you will receive confirmation that your spot is saved. Even if all the spots are gone you can follow along with the quarterly emails you receive.


Challenge: Goal Setting & you

Make the commitment to plan out and set goals that are effective. Keep your resolutions this year by setting goals and actively reviewing them on a quarterly basis.

Until next time.
Take Time to Live a Life that Inspires You.

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