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Habitica for Business – Getting Started Guide

habitica for business getting started guide

habitica getting started guide



In my summer email newsletter, I mentioned a mobile and online app, Habitica that has been a game changer for me in my day to day. Today, I wanted to do a brief introduction of Habitica for business and show you a couple of ways I’m using it in my business to be more effective. I have written a short Getting Started Guide for anyone, but particularly for people in business and entrepreneurs. There will be more advanced blogs, shortly, but for today I’m going to get you started with this step by step instructions for registering & beginning to use Habitica.






Habitica for Business – Getting Started Guide

Click on the topic you would like to know more about. It will jump down to that section


Habitica home page




Habitica is an online representation of your Real Life and it can play like a game. Therefore, use your imagination, think outside of the box and pick a name that you would want for your best self. Register your ‘handle’ – let your imagination run wild.

I choose one of my favorite avatar names, Mheri Whey from my online role playing games. I have used it in almost every game that required naming a character for that game.

If you’re doing this for a team or business, I’d be a little less creative with the handle (username) you chose. It should be easy for the rest of your members to find the team or business.

  • Teacher working with students might go with something like Mr.Smiths2017class
  • A ball team might go with their Team name BadNewsBears2017.
  • A team driven business might use a handle like, ABCbiz.theATeam

Registering steps and links:

  1. Navigate to Habitica website.
  2. Click on ‘Join for Free’
  3. A Login/Register window will pop up
  4. Click on the Register tab
  5. Enter all information requested
  6. Click on ‘Get Started

Habitica Register




The next page you arrive at is the Habitica dashboard. Here is where you will spend most of your time. To get started there will be a pop up tutorial to introduce you to some of the features on each page.  Take a moment to click through the little pop windows. At the same time you are view the tutorial you will be earning resources for your character. (Not covered in this blog, check out this resource.)

Habitica Dashboard


Will we be jumping around a little at this point:

Next series of steps will cover

  • Your Avatar
    • your custom avatar
    • your avatar’s stats & achievements
    • your avatar’s profile
  • Tasks
    • Recommended tasks to get started
    • Challenges




Your Avatarhabitica avatar

Did you notice you have a little you? It doesn’t have to look exactly like you but you might want to customize this little avatar to your desired looks. Let’s check that out.

While on dashboard page, either click on the User tab/button. This will take you to Avatar page

Tip: Quick access to User tab, by clicking on your avatar’s image.

Here you find tabs/buttons for:

  • Customize Avatar
  • Backgrounds
  • Stats & Achievements
  • Profile

Your Custom Avatar:

habitica customize avatar

Click on the ‘Customize Avatar’ tab/button will take you to the customizing page. Items with a white background are free. Items with dark background are paid with gems that can be obtained from a subscription. Right now just go for the free stuff and we will talk subscription in a later blog. Here are the options:

  • Change hair and skin color
  • Change hair style and accessories
  • Change clothes
  • Put on glasses
  • Sit in a wheelchair
  • And many more free and paid for options

Background page is part of the paid subscription service.


Your Avatar Stats & Achievements

Click on this tab/button, will tell you more about your avatar. To begin with not much going on. As you complete task, you level up your Avatar. You will also obtain stats equipment, pets and mounts. Here is my L27 personal avatar stats page:


habitica stat page

Here are some resources with more details about this page.


Your Avatar’s Profile

Next you can tell a little about yourself or make up a backstory for your avatar.

Here is are great example of an Avatar backstory:

Spazzie was an Elven Healer entrusted with the care of The Sacred Child’s light.


But the darkness had crept into her city and the city was dying and The Sacred Child’s light was fading. The Mayor of the Dying City suggested Spazzie seek out The Inner Goddess whose light is so bright all those she favors know bountiful Health, Deep Peace and Eternal Love.


The last known Temple of the Inner Goddess was in the Rolling Countryside at the Training Grounds. Spazzie entered the rolling countryside, immersed herself in The Training Grounds, only to discover the Temple of the Goddess had to be restored before The Inner Goddess could be summoned Spazzie had to strengthen and balance her mind, body and soul.


One night the Inner Goddess spoke to Spazzie in a dream. “In order to fully restore the temple of the Goddess you must battle the plague within the Dying City. Return home and restore my temple.


Thanks to my sister, for this great story. I opted to do a mix.

Mheri Whey is a songster and bard extraordinaire. She brings her words and her song to her quest and challenges. Her world on Habitica is filled with music as she challenges herself and her crew to grow.

On Earth, in a little town outside of a river port town, Mheri’s alter ego, Gina, is an Entrepreneur. She works with people in business who are frustrated with their efforts of getting and keeping customers. Find out more about Gina’s trade, Marketing Coaching & Consultant




Habitica Mheri Whey Avatar
Avatar: Mheri Whey


I’m excited we are getting down to the nitty gritty of Habitica. I got my avatar updated and decked out like I want. Are you ready to move on?



Let’s head back to the dashboard main page:

habitica new avatar dashboard
Check out your To-Do list. In the 2nd column from the right, you will see your To Dos. If you haven’t already done it, click off your 1st accomplishment – ‘Join Habitica.’ Watch the right corner of your screen as you click and update any task. You will receive increase to your experience, health, moneyand rewards.

habitica to do list



It’s time to add some task to the dashboard. Therefore, I want you to start thinking of items to add to Habitica. Think of habits, dailies & to-dos you might want to be more productive with.

I have found from introducing this to my friends and talking with other Habitican’s that the first tasks are critical. You will be creating a new routine and it takes certain critical things to happen. The biggest of these is your mindset. If your mindset is NOT ready to change or make improvements, you won’t create that new habit. My recommendation is start with some small steps, maybe things you are trying to do but aren’t quite doing them as regularly as you would like.


You will be creating a new routine and it takes certain critical things to happen. The biggest of these is your mindset.

Recommended Starting Task:

Accept my challenge and add these task to your Habitica, then make modifications as needed.

Update: July 28th, 2016

A guild, Habitica for Business, (See Resources below) and challenge, Getting Started Guide, are live for this series of task and any future ones.

I will cross post these challenges into the Entrepreneur guild also.

Currently creating challenges will only allow me to enter the title. Nothing can be added to Extra Notes, nor is there a checklist available when creating challenges.

Therefore here is my recommendation: Once you accept the challenge, it will populate into your Task. From there edit each task and add the below information.

Add these to your Daily task:

  1. Check in on Habitica, when you: (Comment: use the checklist feature in the task window)
    • Start your day
    • Late morning (2 -4 hrs later)
    • Mid afternoon (2 – 4 hrs later)
    • Before bedtime
  2. Spend 5 minutes reading – Under notes: pick topics you want to know more about
  3. Your choice – your goal here is to get in the habit of checking in on Habitica every day, save tougher stuff til later. (Not available in challenge, add yourself)
    • pick something that is easy to do
    • pick something fun
    • pick something you do everyday, but maybe you want to limit it – say time on social media
    • use your imagination
    • check out other people’s challenges

Add these to your Habit tasks: – under notes you should define when you can click this. These are my recommendation, you can decide for yourself.

  1. Check in on Habitica
    • (Comment: the goal here is to get into the habit of checking in daily on Habitica) Under Notes
    •  Under Notes- Click +, when I have checked in 2 or more times a day
  2. Reading education topics – Under notes – click + for every 5 minutes/chapter you read
  3. Add  new to-do list items here on Habitica (you are creating the habit of adding to dos to Habitica)

Add these to your To Do list tasks:

  1. Find my old to do list and add them to Habitica in appropriate spot
  2. Do a Challenge – Under notes: someone else’s
  3. Create your own challenge – Under notes – I am to familiarize myself with how to create challenges
  4. (Each week) Create a Weekly To-Do list – (Comments
    • Add items you want to accomplish this week’s checklist.
    • At end of week move task not done to the next week’s Weekly To Do List. Mark these task as Wk 2 items.
    • Finish checking off this week’s items and
    • check off whole task, when done.)

Add these to your Rewards column:

Rewards set up in challenges are automatically set to 10 coins, I recommend changing them.

  1. Hatch an egg – weekly
    • When you complete a daily for 7 consecutive days hatch an egg
    • Set a limiter, if you wish; for example – only hard to do dailies, 1x a week or after
  2. Feed a Pet – daily
    • When you complete a daily or a to-do item
    • Set a limiter. 3x a day
  3. Treat yourself to something decadent (or your choice)
    • Find things outside of game to reward yourself with
    • Choose both items that are free and need to be paid for
  4. Create your own reward
    • Remember it has to have significance to you
    • Think outside the box.





Next, I want to talk real quick about Challenges. Challenges are under the Social tab/button. You will notice several links to click under that tab, Inbox, Tavern Chat, Party, Guild, Challenges & Hall of Heroes. I’m not going into everything that falls under this tab at this time.

Click on Challenges tab/button – here are some great resources and ideas for adding content to your dashboard.

Note: Accepted challenges can be edited, though you will not be able to add checklist to task that come from challenges.


Did this Getting Started Guide answer all your questions? If you have any more questions about Habitica for business. Please leave them in the comments, I would love to help you with them.



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Habitica Blog – find information about new updates and releases here.

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Habitica Guild Guide – List of guilds on Habitica

Guild: Habitica for Business is a private guild. If you would like to know about joining the Habitica for Business guild, contact me.

Guild: Entrepreneur guild on Habitica – posting open challenges here also.

Habitica Business – Changing Habits: Turn Your Real Life into a Game (Coming shortly – Part 2 Habitica for Businesses)

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Habitica – created by CustomGrowthGroup via Canva with free stock images.
Rest of images where created with Snipping Tool using my Habitica Account.