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Happy New Year and Thank you

Happy New Year, Thank You

Hey everyone,

The last couple of months have been crazy. Keeping up has been tough and both my blogs and monthly newsletter suffered during that time period.  I tend to get overwhelmed during the holidays and it didn’t help that my husband and I are traveling at the end of January and will be gone through mid February. Yet, we always make it through to the other side, right? Happy New Year and Thank You for all your support.

Happy New Year, Thank You

I’m really excited, we are celebrating our 30th anniversary by taking a Norway Fjords and Northern Lights cruise. It’s a 12 day cruise out of Bergen, Norway. This is not really the topic of this blog, yet I hope to be writing about it on my personal website.  You are welcome to watch there for updates.

As I mentioned, I was largely overwhelmed with everything going on. Also I had to deal with the memories of  the time my Mother got sick and in her later years passed away during the holidays. It is all to often to much, yet I manage everything the best that I can. I don’t hate the holidays, but they aren’t as joyous as they use to be.

As business owners we have to manage our lives, when things don’t go well. Your foundation get shaky, because suddenly you are dealing with, someone that gets sick, maybe it was you. Accidents happen, situations change and we have to deal with it. We manage the best we can and often things fall to the wayside. Then we have to slowly start rebuilding that foundation. Stabilize your life by looking to the people that support and love you no matter what. Thank goodness I have that.

My family, especially my husband Robert has always been completely supportive of me and what I want to accomplish. My immediate family, both sons, Austin and Ryan and my sister, Teresa are there offering me a firm foundation to continue to accomplish those goals. I have a wonderful 2nd family in BNI, especially my chapter, BNI Business Partners who are always pushing me to grow and get out of my comfort zone. And NOT to be asleep at the wheel. Don’t we all get stuck in that rut on occasion. There are also many people I’ve meet through my business that have become friends, even close friends that fully support me.

Today I want to thank all of you, everyone from the past and for your future support. It has helped me grow, become more confident and help to establish a foundation..

Well as a good friend says,

“Relationships make the best foundations” `Bruce Upchurch


What helps you through the trials in your life? Do you have a great support group for an unexpected source. Tell us about them.