Holidays 2014: What’s Happening?

Happy Holidays!   Holiday 2014 What's New

I took the summer off completely, no work, no blogs. Spent that time on myself and my family. It was very refreshing and helped restore my energy and beliefs in my goals.

Went back to work in September and the 1st of November will be the 1st blog since Spring time, look for an updated blog schedule shortly.

Also in November I will be starting my 30 days of Gratitude Challenge, which I talked about last year. Will you join me?  For more details, read ’30 days to Grow Your Important Relationships from Appreciation’ or contact me.

2 thoughts on “Holidays 2014: What’s Happening?

    1. Hey Beverly,

      Glad you dropped by. Thanks I just added the new Author bio, with some updated wordage. Thanks for the compliment. Still tweaking the box and font.


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