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Why I Chose to Become a Home-Based Business Owner?

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For the last 8+ years I’d been at home, homeschooling my boys.  When it was time for me to turn my attention back to my career, I came to the realization that I deserved and wanted more than going back to the 9-5 workforce grind. For the details, check out my 1st video blog, ‘How a different perspective can change your future’.

Since becoming a Home-Based Business Owner, people often ask me;

‘Gina, why should I consider a home-based business? And why did you choose a network marketing business? ‘

Today I will answer that first question – Why consider being a home-based business?’

Wow!  I can't believe it.
Wow! I can’t believe it.
Reasons to Consider a Home-Based Business


There are many, many reason for being a home-based business (HBB). Your reasons will most likely be different than mine, and they’ll have a different significance and order than mine, too.

But for me, the 3 strongest reasons to start a home-based business were:

1.  Control – Let’s face it; I like to be in control.  Having a HBB allows me to be my own boss.  Setting my own time schedule gives me flexibility.  And as I grow and change, I can grow my business at the the pace I need it to. My HBB allows me to be in control and work to live, not live to work.

2. Work part-time – Having control of when and where I worked.  This freedom allowed me to continue homeschooling my boys their final two years.  This flexibility made it much easier to start my HBB.

3.  Passion –  I had the freedom to choose a HBB that I was excited and passionate about, where my days were full of energy and excitement as I grew myself and my business.

After I started my HBB, I found that were some other reasons that this model was very attractive for me:

4.   Tax write-off –  My home and my car become a tax write-off!  A HBB may allow you to write off a portion of your home office and equipment on each year taxes. {disclaimer: please seek advice from your tax attorney}

5.  Growth – I found myself really stretching myself.  As I have gain new knowledge, this has put me on the path to success.  I have and continue to focus on growing my personal, spiritual & business life.  Because of this, I’m happiest I’ve ever been.  Life just keeps getting better!

6.  Technology – I LOVE all things high-tech.  Smartphones, apps, and software systems help me grow my business.  All of these things makes it so much easier to have a HBB these days.

7.  Traffic – I certainly don’t miss the A.M. & P.M. rush hour.  home-based business I still get out and about.  With no one to answer to but myself, I can choose to miss the congestion and travel when it’s most convenient for me.

I knew a home-based business was the next adventure in my life and the right one for me.   You may not be at those crossroads just yet, and you may never find yourself thinking about starting your own HBB. But if you do find yourself there, look for me.  I will be beckoning you to join me on this great path to freedom.

Watch next week for “My 7 reasons for Choosing a Network Marketing Business.”


My challenge to you this week is about passion.

What does your passion look like?


Until next time.

Take time to live a life that inspires your work.