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How Do You Measure Your Influence? Business Success Interview Series: Bruce Upchurch

Bruce's Family[Bruce Upchurch with his fine looking family]

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[br] Today’s Surprise Guest Blogger is Beverly Borwick.  Beverly is alumni of Business Over Coffee International Boost Program.  She is CEO and Founder of Beverly Borwick Designs.  [br][br][br]

BEEEEee Influential

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Gina was onsite with her friend and business associate, Bruce Upchurch, in a nearly-completed custom home he is building. Bruce gave Gina a walk-through of this quaint house with country-charm in a small package; quality workmanship, materials and details, complete with a towering black “pot-belly” stove! See the walk-through here.



Gina interviews’ Bruce; watch this casual recorded interview of Bruce with a focus on the Law of Influence.

Gina has a high opinion of Bruce, a custom home builder of integrity and author of “Building a Quality Custom Home, What You Need to Know.” Married 28 years to his wife Becky, Bruce said the Lord has blessed them with 11 kids, most of whom often work with them, their oldest son as superintendent. They have a 17-year old son, and the younger kids help by picking up trash, laying sod and cleaning houses. Theirs is definitely a family business.

Bruce Upchurch Homes New



Bruce started out doing spec homes, where they build a house and speculate somebody will buy it. They transitioned into pre-sales, then building custom homes since 2002.


Gina and her husband previously walked through one of Bruce’s houses. As they were leaving, they realized a storm had been raging right over them and they had heard nothing! Bruce’s homes are very soundly made, built for energy savings.


A Budget Buffet for your home: People dream of what they want in a house without understanding the costs. Bruce goes through the process of figuring out “the sticks and the bricks” of what they want to include, what type of flooring, countertops. Often he adds up the prices and customers experience “sticker shock!” Then he starts in reverse, showing how he can build the identical house for much less.


Bruce recently released a book“Building a Quality Home – What You Need to Know,” in collaboration with a friend named Dave, and they decided to use it in a marketing strategy.”


Bruce and some crazy BNI'rsGina and Bruce discussed BNI, Business Network International (, a group of business people who come together weekly and pass referrals to each other. Members get the opportunity to train 30 other people to look for good referral opportunities for them.

Gina recently read the book “The Go-Giver,” a story about Joe and his journey of what it takes to be a successful business person. One of the laws in the book is the Law of Influence, which states “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first. For Gina, Bruce definitely embodies that law, as he continually gives of himself and tries to help and advise others.

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