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How to Assess, Obtain and Release Value Without Breaking the Bank

Today’s Guest Author is:

Sherri Henley; Founder and CEO, BOCI
Speaker, Collaborative Leader, Social Media Intelligence Trainer

Sherri is my 1st Guest Author in the 6 part series based on ‘The Go-Giver’.  Check the start of the series out here.   Sherri is taking on the Law of Value from ‘The Go-Giver.’


How to assess, obtain and release value without breaking the bank is a process.  
The process of giving and receiving simultaneously is embraced by nature itself.  Watch the ocean tide come in and rush back again…picture the beautiful rose as it opens it’s petals receiving sunlight and giving an aroma savored by all…but without the heavens opening to give rain water…the rose would wilt and die…losing it’s fragrance and vitality. It takes one to complete the other.
As a collaborative leader I must first assess the value I am giving to another party and how they are reciprocating by giving back – said differently…we are both giving to and receiving from…growing a healthy, prosperous relationship.
How do I make a conclusive assessment?  I simply consider their needs, wants, ambitions and goals first…by listening, watching, and learning.  I ask open ended questions…How, What, When, Where, Why to obtain the answers I must gain in order to make an informed decision about what I am willing to give to assist in meeting their goals that will also create a winning strategy for joint success.
Sherri BOCi
As a necessity all parties involved must negotiate an added value proposition which is lifeless without the law of giving and receiving. To effectively navigate this vital act one must view both sides of the coin.  “If we collaborate this way…here is the expected end result” – On the other hand, “By working together on this project from a slightly different angle…we would expect a different outcome with proportionate added value.”  
Once the options are put on the table…these questions should be asked:
  1. “What are your thoughts on this proposal?”
  2. “How could we improve on this effort?”
  3. “When would be an operative launch date for this venture?”
  4. “Why are you interested in this collaboration?”
  5. “How can we communicate most effectively during this process?”
With a definitive answer that is acceptable to all..put the petal to the metal and move toward the green light.
  • If there is still a question mark on a few minor details…move forward with caution…as there is a blinking yellow light.
  • If the table is leaning heavily toward a win/lose proposal…come to a screeching halt and see red. This does not mean walk away…but this does indicate that renegotiation is the line drawn in the sand and there may or may not be a workable solution which leads to collaboration.
Rolling out a collaboration without breaking the bank is done by both parties promoting one another with loyalty and purpose.
  • Promotion is a given as word of mouth is the best form of advertisement…the foundation of media.
  • Loyalty is a must as there is no partnership without trust.
  • Purpose is the intention for the collaboration and staying focused on the end result of giving and receiving value from one another.
Understanding, accepting and embracing the value of what you bring to the table is paramount to your success as a collaborator. 
  • Negotiation begins with you concluding you have something of value to give that others want to receive.  Have you ever seen someone negotiate without a valued proposition?  In all probability…they didn’t get very far!
  • Seconding…but no less important is learning to graciously receive as you must believe you are of value to receive without question.
What value do you obtain and release? 
Begin today to assess, obtain and release value without breaking the bank!
Sweetness of Life