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How to change your Facebook page vanity url for the 2nd, 3rd or …. X time.

updated: December 3rd, 2015:  In 2013, I had attended a six-part workshop series on social media hosted by business networking and growth group, Business Over Coffee, International.   You can find out more about these events here. There I learned a valuable lesson about branding myself and in particular how one simple update – change your Facebook page as to reflect your brand and message.

surfing the wwwIn one installment, we were working on getting our Facebook business pages SEO ready.   Facebook has an excellent ranking with search engines, which is a great thing to know.

The Analysis

In analyzing our pages, my social media workshop instructor made a few recommendations.  In particular, she suggested that I make some changes to my Facebook business page name so that it will be more likely to show up in search engine queries.

The Problem

Now, a couple of months ago, I changed my business name to Custom Growth Group, but my Facebook business page was created in my original business name, Custom Cards By You.  I used an abbreviation of the name in my Facebook page URL, so it read When I changed the business name, I decided to use an abbreviation again, so now it was (Custom Growth Group – SendOutCards).

However, what I didn’t know before I made the change is that Facebook only allows you to make a name change for your Business page one time after the initial setup. When I got the alert message, I shrugged my shoulders, thinking, “OK, no big deal.”

But in actuality, it was a big deal, though I didn’t find out until much later.  Why? My instructor specifically pointed that the Facebook vanity URL should be my full business name, not abbreviations. Suddenly, I remembered that alert message I received months ago when I renamed my Facebook page business name!

Jeesh! I’ve painted myself into a corner. No way out.

Needless to say, I was stumped. Facebook had been pretty unequivocal in their alert message; there were no, “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” included!

The Search

I started searching how to change Facebook page’s business name, but I was finding nothing that could help me. In fact, most of the places I looked were pretty negative on the issue, with many complaints about Facebook not allowing multiple changes.  I have to admit, I am not sure why this is an issue with them–why they’re so strict about the frequency of name changes.

The Solution

I was growing more and more frustrated because I was finding nothing to explain how to fix this. I mentioned this to my instructor, and she advised me to create another business page, then request a page merge from Facebook Support.

I did a quick search ‘page merge’, and tada!  There it was. It was an easy change, once I knew the way around a simple technical issue.

The Action

But because of the issues I had finding any information on my first search, I wanted to make sure these two situations were on the same page, so the next person who needs the answer can find it!

If your established Facebook page has the wrong name, but you’ve already changed the name once, create a second page with the correct name and then request a page merge.

Good news: You get to keep all your fans, contacts, and likes.

Sad news: You will lose any status updates, images and pretty much all your content from the old established page. Tip: Make sure you can’t take a simple way out and just change the name of existing page. As stated above, if you’ve already done this – then your next options is to start a new page with your preferred name and merge the old one into the new one.

If you would be interested in a quick way to re-populate your new Facebook page with content from your old. Request your ‘How to Guide for a quick status repopulation. You should hold off on the merge or delete anything from your page until this is done.

Change your Facebook Page – Instructions

Below I will replicate as closely as possible the steps to make this change.  For this example, I am going to change one of my Niche Marketing Facebook pages, Creative Gaming Photo Albums to Custom Gaming Photo Albums, so that it more reflects my parent Business Name.

Create your new page.  You must use a name on the new page that is similar to the old one.

Go to a Facebook page, doesn’t matter whose.

Look for the setting icon.    Click to open the dropped down.

Select ‘Create a Page‘.

Facebook Create a Page2

Follow Facebook’s instructions for creating your new page.   I am not going to explain this part as there are some great instructions available from Facebook.

Don’t forget the new name has to be similar to the old one.  No going from Goldies’ Purse Rush to Fanny’s Fanny Packs.  As I mentioned above I went from Custom Cards By You to Custom Growth Group.  Also you must use like pages, if the old one was ‘Local Business’ you can’t merge a ‘Public Figure’ page with it.

As I mentioned previously, for this sample I am updating my niche marketing page, here is the new one.
facebook business page settings

Now that you have your new page with a name that is similar to your old one.  In the Admin bar – look at top of page, click on ‘Edit Page’, then ‘Edit Settings’.

Look down toward the bottom for ‘Merge Pages’ and click it.  Then click on ‘Merge duplicate pages’.
In case you have more than 2 pages that need to be merged or need to make sure that a particular page is merged to, try this link for ‘Merge 3+ pages.’

Facebook Merge Page

It should have found your old page, don’t forget to select your old page.  Then click ‘Merge pages’.   Next you will see an ‘Are you sure type box’.  As it says, you will lose a lot of your data so make sure this is what you want.

If your old page doesn’t show up, try contacting Facebook support.  There is an option right on this screen, so you don’t have to chase it down.

Merge duplicate page

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You will have all your contacts merged with the new site.  Start repopulating your content, images and files.

Hope this tutorial was a genuine help.  If you have any additional questions, I am glad to answer them.

Also help a girl out, if you find that my instructions are invalid or a link is broken, let me know. I check up on the content of this page every few months but I can miss things.



This blog has been all about Branding yourself.  I want to know why Branding is important to you?

Until next time.
Take Time to Live a Life that Inspires You.

12 thoughts on “How to change your Facebook page vanity url for the 2nd, 3rd or …. X time.

  1. I tried this and all sorts of bells started ringing in Facebook. My account was locked and I had to send proof of my identity. They really hate this type of thing. I´m insisting though.

    1. Hey Cipriana,

      Sorry to hear you have had challenges.

      Yes, I believe Facebook will want to make sure of who you are. They didn’t challenge me at the time, but things do change.

      I would be interested in knowing if it gets resolved.

  2. DearGina, you may be saving my life right now!
    I just have a couple of questions.
    Albums, pictures and posts. Do I have to post everything again, or will they be automatically posted when I merge the page? And also, will the old pictures and album likes be kept?
    Thanks so much, you don’t realise how important this can be for me right now!

    1. Hi ilaria,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Sadly, Facebook does not repopulate your content for you. You will have to add all your images and post back. If there are things you want to save, prior to the merge, I would download them to your desktop on your PC/laptop. Then reload them again.

      Hopefully it won't be a monumental task.

      It was very frustrating for me when I was trying to resolve this. Glad I could help.

      I love questions and to help.

  3. Hi Gina!
    Thanks a lot for the article it was very helpful. But may I ask if after the merging my likes can be maintained? I currently have around 2,000 likes on my old (wrong-URL-name) page and it would be a disaster if they all disappear 🙁

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Emily,

      Thanks for your question.

      I wanted to confirm that Facebook is still following the practices described here. There were a couple of modifications mostly cosmetic.

      As for your question, ‘right now’ when you merge business pages, Facebook keeps your fans/likes from the page that has the most likes.

      Let me know if that helped and worked or if you have any additional questions.

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