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How to Create Custom Photo Christmas Cards Online; Print and Mailed for You!

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Baby tree Christmas morningHoliday 2013 Webinar
– Create a Holiday campaign in SendOutcards

Hello everyone, this is Gina Davis of Custom Growth Group in partnership with Send Out Cards.

Today’s blog is my very first webinar.  In this webinar I have two purposes; one is to show you how to create a campaign, and two is to show you how to use PicturePlus to create a completely customized holiday card that you can send out to your family, loved ones, friends and your business people.

Holiday front & tags

‘I have a short video to show you.’  This video plays in the above webinar.  You can watch it there.


Here is the holiday card I did last year. It’s a 3-panel card, that opens up to a picture of my family and me, and Holiday wishes. The inside flap is just a bunch of snowflakes, and here’s the reason why. When you open up, you have 2 panels inside that are holiday tags.



Holiday inside panels

New SendOutCard Accounts

If you don’t have a SendOutCard account, type in  Check out the videos, Brick & Mortar to Click n Order – talks about the SendOutCard, Greeting Card revolution.  SendOutCard Retail – customers talk about how SendOutCards change their lives.  Or check out the video Show Me the Opportunity or Our Vision.    Then, scroll down to bottom page and click on ‘Ways to Get Started’ button or click this link

Options are subscription or pay-as-you go.   There is a $10 pay-as-you go (you will pay $2p/card + postage) or $10 a month (pay $1 p/card + postage).   And if you are a volume user the $31 a month (pay .63cents + postage).

Click blue ‘Join Now’ button on upper right.  Your Sponsor’s ID: 64356.   Once you have filled out all your information.  Watch for your email, will Log in instructions.

Welcome to SendOutCards.  Don’t hesitate to contact me for your 1 1/2 hour free workshop – Building Better Relationships workshop and training session.  Email me here for scheduling a time.

Existing SendOutCard Accounts

Let’s get started, in your browser, type in and log in.  Log in is on the right of browser window.   From the Main Menu, on left click on ‘Create a Campaign’ button.

Creating a Campaign

1.  Name your campaign

2.  Name, Business name – add significant others name if needed and/or add business name if needed.

3.  Address – address can be changed if needed.

4.  Create button – scroll down to ‘Create a New Card for this Campaign’ and click.

5.  Card name – for a multi-card campaign, I usually will name each card. For example, for a Thank You to a new customer campaign, I would name the 1st card “Thank You to a New Customer.” The 2nd card in campaign might be “Checking in in 30 days.” But if there is only 1 card, I don’t bother naming it.

6.  Card selection –
a.  card catalog, here you can select a standard card for your holiday card.
b.  Create a PicturePlus 2.0 card’ – create your completely customized greeting card.

7.  Choose template and format
a. How do you want the card to open up?  Horizontal or vertical options.
b. Choose a format: postcard, 2 panel, 3 panel or a big card.

8.  Front of PicturePlus 2.0 card – create a custom front panel
a.  choose from pictures, templates or elements – these are on the left of screen.
b.  start with a background image – use a background image on every page.
c.  narrow templates and elements by category for easier searching.
d.  continue searching for and adding art elements to your front panel.
e.  add text messages – think about having your own handwriting font.
f.   Don’t draw outside the lines – anything outside of green lines maybe not show up.

9.  Card panels – at top of window, find the small panels and choose inside panel

10.  Create a custom inside panels – rinse and repeat for each panel

Custom Growth Group Services

This Holiday Card Webinar is an example for (DIY) do it yourself.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to do a Holiday campaign for yourself or your business then consider hiring Custom Growth Group.  Check out the November special that starts the 1st of the month here and Custom Growth Group services here.



Happy Holidays!  Challenge:

Tell me your favorite Holiday traditions.

Until next time,
Take time to live a life that inspires you.


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