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Ingredients for a Winning Business Media Kit

winning business media kit

Recently I explored; ‘Do I need a business media kit.’ Part one established, that defining the nature of my business media kit was my first priority. Once I determined my focus than I could drill down to what components were essential for that business kit. Therefore, I began building this useful marketing tool by finding the best ingredients for a winning business media kit.

winning business media kit

I quickly established a specific need at the time for creating my first business media kit. Recently had a 10-minute presentation at my local chapter of Business Networking International, BNI. If you have read some of my other blogs* you know that this is how I market my business on a local level. I’ve been part of BNI Business Partners going on 8 years now and I have done a multitude of 10-minute presentations – each week one chapter member is the Star of the day and gets the opportunity to showcase some aspect of their business.

In the 8 years, I have been there, my business has evolved and it was necessary to keep my BNI chapter up-to-date with my last business ventures.  Since I had new information to share, I decided to use a business media kit as the foundation of my presentation. The purpose had been established. Now it was time to create a winning business media kit.

If you read my 1st article, identifying the purpose is the first step: With the purpose identified, now it was time to gather information to create it. I hadn’t yet determined what ingredients would make this a successful piece of marketing for my business. What were the ingredients I needed to create a beautiful and useful business media kit?

Determining the Best Ingredients for your Business Media Kit

One of the first things I did and I recommend, is looking at other businesses’ media kits. This is a great starting point to see examples and ideas from examples that other businesses are using to create their own business media kits. Here are a couple of lists that I checked out while doing research. Here is a list of examples of business media kits from some of the big companies out there, check them out over at ShoutMeLoud. Here is a list of blogger’s business media kit via The Blog Maven.


Looking over these more standard business media kits, there were definitely some key components making up each of these. Here is a partial list:

The most significant killer of getting business done is a lack of time.

The Essentials:

When choosing your essentials makes sure that it works within what the purpose of your business media kit.

  • Your story, it could include:
    • Your business’ story
    • Your product’s’ story
    • Whatever the goal of your media kit, explain the why?
  • Company facts
  • High-resolution images:
    • Branding – logos
    • People in your team
  • Testimonials
  • Accomplishments
    • Who are your customers
    • Where you are published
  • Audience or Target Market



Chose if they make sense for your business media kit.

  • Portfolio, items from your
  • Dedicated email address
  • Audio/video interview segments
  • Awards/Recognition
  • Non-profit & volunteer work that your business is involved in
  • Website stats
  • FAQ segment
  • Examples of articles or press items

The results: A Winning Business Media Kit

Now that I had my ingredients, it was time to put into a highly visual brochure style document. My go to resource is Canva. I can’t describe Canva, any better than they do. From their website: ‘Easily create beautiful designs + documents. Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.’

As I mentioned previously that I had a targeted audience for this winning business media kit, yet I still wanted to be somewhat flexible.

Here is the first version of my business media kit that I used for my 10-minute showcase at my BNI chapter meeting.


business media kitCGG BNI P2business media kitbusiness media kitbusiness media kit


I made the decision to further tailor this business media kit to use in One to One meetings, that I have with my other BNI members. Plus having received feedback from several trusted source, I will tweak this until it has a dual purpose.  Look for this final product here in the weeks to come. Plus I will be working on one that I will be giving to prospective clients.

Do you see the value in this marketing item for your business? What aspect of your business would you construct a winning business media kit? Leave a message or question below.


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