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Business Owners Beware: Not Keeping in Touch with Customers? You might be in trouble.

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Are you ignoring your customer?


As business owners we deal with many things daily.



Each of these plays a big part in being in business.  Yet, adding one more item to take care in our already over crowded day is hard to justify. Yet, not keeping in touch with your customers is important.




“…you have to work on your business, as much as you work in your business.”

I don’t know about you, but sometime I get caught up in these day-to-day task.  Yet, it is important that you set aside time to work on your customer follow up.  Much like including time in your busy schedule for exercise or working on a goal.  We can miss out on one of the easiest ways to build relationships with our clients.  Keeping in touch with them shows we appreciate them and their business.

I already sent my client a Thank You (email/note)

Once I had a prospect that told me, this one time at band camp, that their service to their customers was thanks enough.  I was floored. Most people in business are not that behind the times.  But if you don’t truly get why this is short sighted, but want to understand, read on.

Still, you might be asking, ‘Why do I need to tell my customers, Thank You again. I sent them an email/note after they bought my services/products’.

Here is why telling them at a different time is important.

Your customer knows, that at the initial sales point he is very much top of our mind with you. Therefore, contact at this point is expected, even anticipated.  This initial Thank You is very important and under no circumstances should you miss it. I actually send two different Thank You’s at this time.

For more information on a effective and inexpensive way of sending Thank You to your clients.

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That initial, ‘Thank You’ should not be the end of the conversation.  In actual, it is just the beginning of the conversation.

“Really is it necessary to send other notes of appreciation?”

“An unexpected card helps keep the competition at bay.”


Because an unexpected card of Thanks with a heartfelt meaningful sentiment is never wrong.
Because an unexpected card shows that you put thought into it.
Because that unexpected card shows you care.

Keeping in touch is an effective way to building relationships with our clients, yet we need to have other times we introduce a touchpoint.


What is a touchpoint?  Touchpoints occur when we contact prospects or clients for any reason.  But each touchpoint should vary in what it is trying to accomplish.  Only calling when trying to close a deal… well that is harassment.

 This is one of the ways I consult with my clients. Brainstorming ideas, expanding & varying the ways they make contact.  The eventual results is a diversified follow up strategy, that increases the number of touchpoints that my clients are making.


“it takes 9 – 15 touchpoints to turn a prospect into a client and about the same to turn a client into a LifeLong Patron.”


At the Holiday seasons, I take this time to make sure that my clients know that I appreciate them. What better time to do that than during Thanksgiving, which traditional is about giving thanks for the things we have.

Keeping in touch by giving thanks



This card was mailed out, yes we are talking an actual card placed in a USPS mailbox and delivered to my clients and my best cheerleaders.




Send out your card is a quick few steps away.
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How are you making a difference with the people in your life?

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