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My Journey in how to write a book, Part 1

how to write a book

how to write a bookJanuary of 2015 I began my journey of learning how to write a book. At that time I announced that I was writing a book on goal setting. First on my agenda, to find volunteers to assist me on research for this book. 6 brave souls stepped up to participate in my 1st Interview series, the Resolutions Diaries series. They allowed me in their world for a time to view how they set and work on their goal setting. The earlier interview with them was to establish a baseline both for them and me. It is not my intention here to compare their results, though each will briefly say how it went, rather how the first part of writing my book went.

Due diligence was my first course of action. As I am prone to, I started researching my topic. Looking for mentor(s) to guide me. One of my favorite’s is Pat Flynn who runs The Smart Passive Income Blog. I found this blog sometime last year, when I knew that one of my goals for this year was to monetize my blog. If you are thinking about blogging and want to monetize your website, Pat is a must follow. Get his ebook by signing up for his newsletter. My other recommendation is Amy Lynn Andrews, she was most likely the first women business blogger that I followed, she is also the first blogger I featured on my website. Her expertise was invaluable as I started to grow my website. Check out her blog on How to write an ebook.

70's couple doing the bump
This 70’s couple is doing the dance craze ‘The Bump’

Back in the 70s, my parents were great examples of exceptional goal setting. When I started my business in 2009, I immediately followed in their footsteps establishing my own pattern for goal setting. My experience with setting goals has lead me to where I am today. Using it in every aspect of my business and much of my personal life. Ultimately began teaching goal setting for effective acquisition and retention system.

For this series and my book, I wanted to translate how I accomplished my goals, into an actionable plan that other people can realize success with.

My goal this quarter for my goal setting blog series was 3 blogs and 3 mini-activities. Later, after listening to a podcast from Pat, he mentioned he used mind maps to outline his books. Which led to the realization, I need an outline and timeline. Eventually, I realized that I did not follow one of my own tenants of goal setting.


I should clarify -I verbally announced it to several people and my BNI group. I wrote in a couple of blogs, that I was beginning research to write a book, yet I never wrote it on my Master Goal list. Even though I mentioned it in my blogs, I had not followed my own rules for goal setting.

What did happen, I wrote 2 blogs and 2 mini activities and started on mind map, an outline for my book.

Even though I understand why an outline is a necessity, it’s not traditionally a task that I have done in the past. It never fails, the exact, same scenario happens every time. I sat there staring at the open webpage, drawing an enormous blank.

I asked for assistance back at the beginning of the year and this 6 wonderful people step up to help me. All 6 stepped up to help me with the initial phase. If I felt they need a little direction, I made recommendations. A couple of the participants continued working with me in a little more depth. I ended the quarter with asking for some feedback on both how they did, what I could remain the same or what needed changing.

Four of the six reported in at the end of the quarter. Everyone felt that were making progress on small and large goals. A couple went on to tell me how their goals had changed or shifted. Also I received excellent feedback, that I will be implementing in the book and on future research.

Wyvonia Woods Harris - ..... I accomplished my main goal of launching my radio program and I have completed 6 radio programs ......

Shamika Watson - ....Although my ultimate goal has not been met yet, I reached milestones to get me closer. Each time I accomplished a small step I was excited and felt I could go on.....

Shawn Karol Sandy - Yes, I am hitting the milestones to reach the objective I set early this year.

Beverly Borwick - ...I have achieved several mini goals...progressing in the balance and core strength exercises and the clinic and at home...

My goals for the Summer: Summer Fun

Originally I had thought I could do a segment each quarter. Logistically that did not work out.
My 2 goals for the summer – 1st, will be to flesh out the outline and timeline for my book and 2nd, write 3 blogs and 3 mini activities -at the minimum.

As I mentioned before outlines have not been easy task in the past. But I refuse to give up, I know that this will ultimately give me direction and have the happy stance of being able to add these items to my editorial calendar.

This will have me ready for the next part of the Interview series on goal setting. This will start in the Fall 2015. I will be looking for 6 – 10 new people to assist me in the Fall. Each participant will be answering approx 5 questions at the beginning of the quarter concerning goals and objectives the participant wish to achieve. At the end of the quarter there will be a more comprehensive questionnaire for feedback.

Each quarter that you participate, your response will be feature in the blog series with links to your social media, website, blogs.

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