Networking Next Week Stats – Memphis metro area

Networking next week stats


Find statistic here on Networking Next Week to help you determine what value your Ad Placement would have.

Why am I posting these stats?

It is simple; transparency for myself, potential clients, and collaborative partners.

Establishing benchmarks and keeping tabs on the stats to determine:

  • Is this effective?
  • Are the network meetings getting clicks?
  • What are the favorite events?
  • Are the ‘Ads’ getting views?

Because I firmly believe your email delivery platform can affect your opens & click,  I made the move to another email service and went to a less graphically intensive email. You can see by both the opens & clicks this was a good move. Watch for a blog on my decision to make the move from MailChimp to ConvertKit and who I feel these platforms are best for. Neither is perfect and what is good for me, might not necessarily be perfect for you. If you are looking for a communication strategy for retaining and acquiring your customers, let’s have a discussion. Head over here to book your complimentary marketing session.

Networking Next Week stats:

2018 Stats2017 Stats
Quarter # Subs Opens –
Industry Standard:
Clicks – 
Industry Standard:
Beginning Stats
78 47.23% 11.96
Jan – Apr 2018 104 48.1% 9.5%

*Standards confirmed (DATE)

Month # Subs Opens
Industry Standard: 13.7%
Industry Standard: 1.8%
Ma/Jun 2017 250* none available none available
July 10th 2017
Launch (1st newsletter)
51 52.9%* 15.7%*
July 2017 *end 61 44.1%* 9.1%*
Aug 2017 66 43.6%* 9.7%*
Sep 2017 71 49.45%* 11.3%*
Oct 2017 79 46.6%* 14.75%*
Nov/Dec 2017 89 46.8%* 11.22%*

*Subs: Prior to May & June 2017, the email list was on Gmail. When the move was made to MailChimp is was a voluntary move, the subscribers were not automatically added. At relaunch, there were 51 that made the move.

*Opens & Clicks: Industry standard will depend on the industry. If you would like to delve more into email campaigns or review how yours is doing, contact me for a complimentary consult.

Why is this all Important?

Establishing and keeping up with stats helps me to determine if this email list is still relevant. If one of the stats falls off significantly it’s in my best interest to try to understand what is happening.

Lastly, I have been implementing monetization for things I do that go past my core services of coaching, training & consulting.

In 2017, my motto was ‘Stop trading my time for dollars.’ To find a way to implement additional income in areas I am already putting work & effort into. Additionally, I had several patrons of this newsletter ask me how they could compensate me. At first, I wasn’t sure. It was my intention that the newsletter would cost the subscriber very little to join, so how could I compensate myself and still give an additional value?

Having ‘Ads’ has been part of the monetization strategy I was implementing. Last year I added ‘Google Adsense’ to my website. When I was thinking of options for the newsletter, this rose to the surface.

I’ve started pricing for ‘ads’ at a low rate, as the newsletter is very young. However, as the subscriber numbers rise, ad prices may rise to match interest. To see current prices click here. It gets you in front of XXX number of people (see the stats in the above table for current number), that are highly motivated business people. If your service can help them, it can be a ‘no-brainer’ for your business to consider placing an ad.

If you would like help with your ‘Ads’ anywhere, book your appointment to review or add this to your monetization of your business.