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Part 2 Useful, Fun, Cool Websites -The Haphazard List

useful, fun, cool websites

useful, fun, cool websites



It is astounding how much information is available via the World Wide Web, websites, articles, etc. Indeed our society is turning into ‘Web of Things’ & ‘Internet of Things’. Check out this part 2 list of useful, fun, cool websites and decided for yourself.


We are all so connected to our electronic devices. As we know, there is good and bad in that. Today I am only concentrating on the good of it.




The Part 2 list of Useful, Fun Cool Websites

habitica logoIn recent blogs, I talked about a new (to me) online website and mobile app that helps with habit building. You should check out Habitica-  it has been a huge help to me. To get started, see my blogs, ‘Habitica for Business – Getting Started Guide’ and ‘Using Habitica for Business to Change Habits’.

This lead me to start looking at ‘being more focused’. Here are a few websites that I am using for improving my focus.

happify logoHappify has a multitude of different tracks available to members. The Focus Track was outstanding, one of the first of many I have completed.  Recently, I finished the Meditation Tracks. Meditation is another great way to improve your focus.  Happify can be downloaded to mobile devices.



FocusMe logoWhile on Habitica I learned about the website, FocusMe – which limits your time on websites and apps. Simply put, it refocuses you back to the task that are important.



rescue time logoThat’s all fine and dandy (something my grandmother would say), but I want to know where I’m spending my time. Currently, I am testing Rescue Time. It tracks my time spent online, giving me an overall view of where and when I’m most productive and unproductive.


Let’s take a break with something fun and awe inspiring. offers information and news about the Sun-Earth relationship. In particular, it focuses on the environment between the two. There you can find one of my favorite galleries, The Aurora Gallery. You can also find near earth asteroids and any topic related to the earth or the sun.


If you have been following me for a while, you know I focus on different aspects of marketing and customer relationships for small business. I’m constantly on the lookout for tools, websites, and articles to make my life and my clients’ lives and our business increasingly productive.

A big challenge is email marketing. It is critical to get your email’s subject/title and content just right.  Here are a few of my recent finds and some ‘oldie but goodies’, that have been helpful.

subjectline logo


SubjectLine is an excellent tool for email marketing. The key to getting your readers to open your emails is a great subject line.

MailChimp logoMailChimp is how I send out email campaigns.  There are several extras in MailChimp that I use. MailChimp has its own subject line checker. In MailChimp’s analytics, I can view stats on how my old subject lines performed, how often my emails were opened and how often links were clicked.


mail-tester logo Mail-Tester is an email spam tester. One of the most serious marketing challenges is avoiding being dropped into our potential customer’s prospect’s and reader’s spam boxes. If you want to avoid that pitfall, using a service like MailTester is a step in the right direction.


Because my content needs to be checked out, I need a grammar, spelling & plagiarism checker.


paperrater logo

I’ve been using Paperrater for a while now. Recently, Google decided that content needs to be at an 8th-grade level. Paperrater has an option to choose what grade level your content should be checked at. Paperrater checks for grammar, transitional phrases, and word usage.


grammarly logo

Recently, I added Grammarly as a Google Chrome extension. Giving my content composition an added layer of protection, checking for mistakes as I write. Grammarly also has a plagiarism checker.  Which helps you avoid duplicating others’ content as well as your own.


Well, what did you think of these websites? Did you find part 2 to be a list of useful, fun, cool websites or not? If you have any websites* that are your favorites, comment below, link to them and let me know why.

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*disclaimer: Only safe websites will be approved. I use Web of Trust to determine what websites are safe. If  you are green you will automatically get accepted. If you are Yellow or Red, I will decide whether your website is appropriate.