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Personal Assistant App Needed: Out and About Business Apps for a Productive Day

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Another day of meetings back to back. I noticed in my day-to-day business outing, I am consistently using several apps. For awhile I have wanted to do a list of my favorite apps. Yet I didn’t want to choose random apps to blog about. Why was I using the apps? What was their purpose and theme?

I have an Android smartphone and use several of the Android apps to help me to have a more productive business day.

Where is the next meeting at? What is the closest place to get a skinny mocha latte? Finding quick funds in an unfamiliar part of the city? etc.

  • Entertainment apps help me be in the right mindset with music and books to listen to as I drive around in my day-to-day rounds.

Over the next month I will take each bullet point and blog my experience with each category.

Personal Assistant Apps

Up to recently, I have been a die-hard fan of appointment books, the kind you get to write in. Every year I looked for the perfect one. One that allow me to add comments and fill in enough information, so that I was prepared for my meetings.

Old Style but still Styling

A few months ago I attended a group business meeting that was a little over an hour away from where I live.  I accidentally left my appointment book there. It wasn’t until the next day I realized it was missing.

Old style Paper appointment book

I frantically called my friend who had hosted the meeting and asked her, ‘when will you be in town?’ I was sick when she told me, ‘I won’t be in for several more days’.  Almost a week,  that was not going to work. My head was swimming. What was I going to do in the meantime?

My friend advised me to go digital. Well, I did it and I haven’t looked back.

Going Digital

Google Calendar has become my calendar of choice. It Google Calendarconveniently fits into my day. It is so easy to just email your prospects & clients the meeting invitation. It sets it up in both of your calendars and then sends out reminders – sms, email or pop-ups at pre-designated times. I use this assure I leave on time to my meetings. I recently started using the Google task, which is attached to the Calendar also. This is a great way to keep up with your To-Do List.

Google Calendar daily agenda view

When I was all set with my desktop, then I began adding the Google Calendar app to my phone. It must work decently with my smartphone. I have been using the Google Calendar Android app on my phone. It has been a bit challenging. Especially going from the huge desktop screen to the smaller screen of a Samsung Galaxy 3. I ended up using a different view than my desktop. I was disappointed that my task list was not syncing.

Still Searching

Since I’m disappointed with what I was currently using on my Samsung, I decided to look for something that fit my needs a little more.

My criteria for this app were:

Criteria Deal Breaker
It must sync with Google Calendar that I use on my desktop. YES
It should included task from my Google Calendar. Using Google Keep now
It should be easy to use. Yes
It should be free or very little money. Yes
Free to Try. Yes
Table Table

Therefore, when I did my research the 3 that floated to the top of my list are:[/dropshadowbox]

  • CalGoo was immediately nixed, since there wasn’t free version. This consumer would prefer to try something before buying it, even at $5.99. It does stay on my list because of how many excellent reviews it has gotten.
  • Business Calendar at first glance seems to be on track. It meet several of my deal breakers -syncs with Google Calendar, easy to use, free to try. Task were not available in the free version, but I understand that it is in paid version. Cost is acceptable at $5.99.
  • Jorte Calendar was like having a really colorful appointment book. Jorte also meet all of my deal breakers -syncs with Google Calendar, is easy to use, free to try; plus the app itself is free and Task sync from Google Calendar even in free version. Cost for the add-on features like icons & wallpaper Avg $1.24 – $3.86 and fulfill this consumers need for girly stuff even though I am serious about business.

Business Calendar App Agenda2 Business Calendar App Agenda Business Calendar App 2view Business Calendar App 1view


Jorte Calendar 4x3 Widget Agenda Calendar in Black
Jorte Calendar 4×3 Widget Agenda Calendar in Black

Once I started playing around with these app, I realized I liked the daily view or agenda view of the app widgets. I was able to place these views on one of my home pages. Which allows me to view my appointments for the day.

Over the next few weeks I will be testing these two calendars out. In a later blog I will let you know what I decided. Watch for that blog. Also I will be blogging about the other apps I am using in my business day. Next week watch for my very first contest blog.


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Until next time,
Take Time to Live a Life that Inspires You.

disclaimer: Smartphone business apps are a great tools for keeping your day productive, but do not use them while your vehicle is in motion.

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