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We get it! There is often not enough time, money or energy, which leads to frustration. Maybe unstated, nevertheless simmering in the background, until you finally want to just throw your hands up or throw something at the wall. Never fear there is a simple and easy answer.

Did you answer ‘Yes’ to 1 or more of the above questions to ponder? Then your answer is:

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Below find our real life stories, these are clients and prospects that came to us with a problem that we then present a solution to. To learn more about our Coaching and Training pricing head over here.

Getting new customers

baby-boomer-artist-painting-landscapeA Baby Boomer Artist /Portraits and Landscapes; “Gina, I am frustrated my customer base has been drying up and what I had been doing to acquire customers is no longer working. I know I need to come into the 21st century and market towards the younger generation and do more on the smartphone or online. Help, I don’t know what to do!

Not Tech Savvy  Solution:

Started with a comprehensive marketing assessment, The Business Marketing Clarity Strategies assessment.  We delved deep into her past and current marketing. Research target audiences and their demographics. Updated her social media platforms and created continuity across the platforms including her website which was updated to be mobile compliant.  Identify the best place to find her target audience, begin re-building an audience, create touch points with that audience and create lines of communication (via several marketing vehicles)  with that audience.  Continually offering value to her audience through several offerings.




A local moving service, leads are generated from their strategic partners. “Gina, I am afraid moverI’m losing my important referral partners. It’s important to our business to continue building relationships and these people are key to our business.  What do recommend to strengthen my business’ relationship with these referral partners?”

The Mover Solution

Started with a targeted marketing assessment, The Targeted Business Growth Clarity Consult. Delved into their past and current marketing for the client’s targeted audience. Research target audience and demographics. Create a series of strategies including print, social media and appreciate events. Continually offer value to the target audience through several offerings.


Marketing Consultant

freestyling business manA sales team in a business in their growth phase – “Gina, our business is not ready to hire a full-time marketing person / team. We still need someone to keep our marketing on track, so my sales team keeps busy contacting leads. Our pipeline being full is important. Can you help us?”


Started with a comprehensive marketing assessment, The Business Growth Clarity Consult.  We delved deep into their past and current marketing. Research their typical client and their demographics. Implement targeted internet marketing strategies for B2B prospects in certain industries, strengthening their area of expertise with those type of clients through several marketing medias to make them more attractive to their target market. Naturally acquiring. Even though the didn’t ask, I also help them strengthen their existing customer-base, because 80% of your profit should be coming from your existing clients.



A network marketing representative; “Gina, I’m frustrated I am giving away a lot of knowledge and I’m not getting paid for it. I need to convert to being a coach for my clients already buying my products. How can I do that?”

New Business Model Solution:

Each session focused on the challenge that week that needed the most attention. We began by setting goals for her business remodel. Other session covered working on pricing her new services and discussed what is the best moves to work with her new clients. We test, tweak until the results reached her goals.


My husband and I bought into this franchise, we really did not have a lot of knowledge and were counting on the Franchisor to guide us through our first year. Now they have left us high and dry. Within a month, they stopped doing Phone Conference calls, now I don’t know who to turn to for advice for running my business and to help make smart marketing moves.

Customer Retention

A start up eye clinic – “Gina, I don’t have time to follow up with the patients/clients that come in, now it’s time for them to reschedule their yearly check up appointment. I don’t have time to do the research and find the best way to stay in touch with them. I need help with this.”
My really hip clothing store is in a small tourist town. How can I get my target audience – women on vacation with disposable income to repeat buy?


Project Manager

An extremely busy husband and wife team, “Gina, we have several projects we are unable to research at this time, we need some software developed for our several areas of our business. We need options. Because we don’t have time, we need options on developing our blog and adding some new landing pages for one of our target markets.”



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Moving Guy

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