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Solve Your Business Problems and Issues through Accountability

business problems and issues

Who helps you when you have a business problem or issue? A friend? A business partner? Solving business problems and issues using accountability is a positive step in the right direction. Yet, often those closest to you are not the most effective accountability partners.

For several years now I have been aware that to further my business I need a mentor and coach, someone to hold me accountable. Often when I am working through a problem having a sounding board has resulted in a resolution. And over the years I have had several people that fit this bill, nearly all of these were unplanned and just naturally happened. No formal commitments. A friend, a business associate, family. Problems would sometime get resolved, other times not so much. I began wondering if having a regular, non partisan person, that I was accountable to, would that add to my overall success in the long run.

business problems and issues

Setting a foundation for your business is important. Many things go into setting that foundation into place. One aspect is having a reliable accountability partner, one that gets you on tracks and keeps you there. This person can hold you accountable for your business & personal goals and for the day to week to yearly operations of your business.

How does accountability work? Authentic accountability happens when you commit to a person. This could be a friend or you might decide to hire a coach. Be careful working with a friend, often they are mainly invested in staying friends. Hiring a coach is a productive alternative because they are not invested in a friendship.

Don’t get me wrong, I am an accountability coach for a couple of friends and they in turn help me also. But for that kick to high gear, I need someone that will say, ‘Gina you are procrastinating; Gina, you are not committing, etc.‘ I know I need an impartial person. Happily, coaches are set up to be an impartial accountability source.

Setting the parameters for what your accountability looks like.

I’m very much a DIY person, I often want to see if my problem is something I can resolve. Quickly, I determine if the problem/issue is over my head, whether I possibly lack the time, opportunity to resolve it or I just plain don’t want to do it myself.

After you define the problem or issue ask yourself these questions.

  1. Have I tried to solve this problem or issue by myself with no change in the outcome?
  2. Does this problem/issue require an outside partner to help facilitate resolutions that are productive.
  3. What are your accountability time constraint? How often should you address accountability, is going to hinge up a few things,
    • 1) is it a one time event
    • 2) is there a time constraint on the problem,
    • 3) does the problem/issue need immediate attention or can it wait.
  4. What type of accountability is needed for positive reinforcement?
    • Kick start,
    • Guidance,
    • Hold feet to fire,
    • Fix it solution.

Once you decided that an accountability partner is required, ask/answer:

  1. Does this problem require a industry specific accountability partner?
  2. Determine your budget. Hiring a coach will not be inexpensive, industry average is $500 p/hour. But can range from $75 up to thousands of dollars for top celebrity style coaching.
  3. Identify the characteristic of your accountability partner that are important for your success.

Accountability statistics

How to solve your business problems and issues through accountability


  • Identify – What problem/issue needs resolution?
  • Plan – Break the problem/issue into its smallest components.
  • Schedule – Put your steps onto your schedule.
  • Take action – Take the needed action from today’s schedule.
  • Accountability – Analyze the results, report them to your partner.

This is a simplified plan; for the best results get involved with a business coach that can be your accountability partner. That is how I can help you.



Tell me how accountability save the day for you or your business. Leave a comment below.

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