Spotlight: Women Business Bloggers, Part 2

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women business bloggerEarlier this year I asked for my fellow bloggers to step up and tell us about their favorite women business bloggers.  I had an overwhelming response and not every submission made it into Part 1 Women Bloggers Spotlight. A month or so ago I reconnected with those contributors and ask for any new submissions and Part 2, Women Business Bloggers was born.

In part 1, I explained that I was following really great business bloggers, but the largest percentage were men. This seemed skewed in my opinion. If you look at stats on business owners and entrepreneurs, there are more women moving into this area. We know women like to blog, look at all the mommy, travel, beauty blogs. Which makes me wonder why there seems to be so few women business bloggers.women mean business


Well today that is not a problem here are the nominations:

Todays guests are all part of a blogger and writers community that I belong to. Need help with brainstorming your blog ideas, need guest for your blogs, or want to interview the up and coming of the blog world, check out the MyBlogU community for your next endeavor.


Let me introduce you to guest, Cendrine Marrouat. Her website Social Media Slant is well worth the visit. Find Cendrine on Twitter.

Her nominations:

Kelly Hungerford: Find Kelly on Twitter. : blogs

She has just started blogging on her personal website. However, for the last four years, she has been the go-to person and main content contributor for She has crafted some very powerful posts. Her knack is for writing pieces that resonate with you for a very long time.

In the past year, she launched the branded Twitter chat, #bizheroes, which reached almost 700 million Timeline deliveries.

She is not just a friend, she is also the best mentor I could ever dream of having. She is professional, ethical, and very hard-working. And she gives some awesome feedback too.

Janine Beattie: Find Janine on Twitter.

Janine is another female business blogger I adore. With Jessica Green, they founded Female Business Hub, where she blogs. Jess is another great blogger!

I love that blog because it was created with a complete focus on women. It’s very nice to know that we have a no-nonsense hub like that.

Janine and Jess are two very positive individuals with a lot of good ideas to share with the world!

Next guest contributor is Shobha Ponnappa, working with the digital entrepreneur. Find Shobha on Twitter.

Her nominations:

The two great women business bloggers, that come to mind are:

Peg Fitzpatrick: Find Peg on Facebook.

She co-authored the runaway bestseller book with the great Guy Kawasaki called “The Art of Social Media”.

I think Peg writes forcefully, authentically and imaginatively, and her social smarts  are phenomenal!

You just have to see the kind of social sharing she does after her every post on the blog (its a fine art of blitzkrieg!) and then after she’s finished the public  that follow her share even more – and in the end, every single article of hers becomes a social humdinger!

Kudos to her! She’s MASTERED Social  Media!

Rosalind Gardner: Find Rosalind on Twitter.

Rosalind is the Queen of Affiliate Marketing.   She is among the pioneers of affiliate blogging and a millionaire many times over.

Would you believe she was an air traffic controller before she threw it all up and became solely dependent on the Internet to make a living blogging and selling affiliate products. Today she is  among the “Jet-Set of the Net”.

Kudos  to her! She’s MASTERED Affiliate Blogging!


The 3rd contributor is Sara Duggan. She keeps entrepreneurs focused on generating income. Find Sara on Twitter.

Her nominations:

She Was Blogging Before Blogging Was Cool
Stephanie Rainbow Bell: Find Stephanie on Twitter.

Stephanie blogs about owning who you are. She believes all women (men too) are here for a purpose. She encourages you to embrace your beautiful self and live your life now at your current size whether that be too skinny or too fat.

I visit this blog when I need a mood booster.

Posts I enjoy most:
Who decides if you are beautiful

Jon Morrow – Don’t read this….
I like this post because it talks about living life now, not comparing yourself to everyone, and not allowing excuses to get in the way of your greatness.

She shares Jon Morrow’s story in this post which is very inspiring and pretty much kicks my excuses to the curb.

Kelly McCaussey: Find Kelly on Twitter.

Started online in 2002 trying to earn enough money to pay the electric bill. She is now the owner and blogger behind She started out in the WAHM niche and successfully rebranded a few years ago into the solopreneur niche. She does it all. She blogs, she podcasts, she leads webinars, writes, designs graphics, and builds websites. (oh has owns her own hosting company)

Kelly has a heart for moms trying to start an online business without falling for scams. One way she combats this is by offering internships. Each year she trains a select few to do exactly what she does to turn a profit. This is how I met her. In 2010, I became an intern for one of her blogs. Along with this internship, I received an excellent education on all things blogging, community, and ethical business practices.

Kelly is a no nonsense (butt kicking) blogger who tells it like it is. (No fairy dust here.)

Hope these make it in your list. I have so many bloggers I enjoy reading, it’s hard to select just 2.


Get to know the next contributor’s suggestion, David Leonhardt. David’s team provides writing services. Find David on Twitter.

His nominations:

The lady who collaborates:

Kristi Hines: Find Kristi on Twitter.

She is often better known for her “stage name” in social media: Kikolani.

She has been around as long as anybody, and was advocating quality strategies even back in the days when SEO was somewhat of a race to the bottom.

She has always been highly social and eager to offer advice and opportunities to newcomers to blogging and online marketing.

Deborah Anderson: Find Deborah on Twitter.

I can’t keep track of all the places Deborah Anderson blogs, but her main vlog that I have paid attention to for some time is Social Web Cafe and Social Web CafeThe fact is that she is all over the place, and that’s where I find her. 

She is also a generous lady, always helping other bloggers out. 

But best of all…she sings!  I love “Just Say When” the most.


My final guest contributor is Michael Bergen, is an Outreach and Link Specialist with Find Michael on Twitter.

His nominations:

My favorite women business bloggers

The two women bloggers I like to follow are the following. I’ve outlined my reasons below. Have a great week!

Chandra Blouin: Find Chandra on Twitter.

Chandra Blouin is a founding partner and Marketing Director of Studiothink, a branding company specializing in re-branding, logo design, web design, graphic design, marketing and packaging design to the Surrey, Langley & Vancouver, BC area.

Her expertise is in developing highly effective brand strategies, and she holds a Diploma in Marketing from BCIT. Chandra develops successful branding and long-term marketing strategies for our clients, and her experience with branding and business, along with her hands-on knowledge of how a brand ties in with all aspects of your marketing, ensure that all your projects are in-line with your business objectives.

She has a weakness for a good bottle of red wine, so if you need to bribe her to get your project done faster, now you know the secret.

Marie Haynes: Find Marie on Twitter.

Marie Haynes is the author of Unnatural Links – The Complete Guide to Recovery.

She is the founder of HIS Web Marketing, a company that primarily focuses on helping businesses with Google penalties.

You can find Marie on Twitter where she tweets tips about unnatural links problems at @Marie_Haynes and you can sign up for her newsletter on Google penalties and algorithm changes on her blog.

Popular contributor on Moz and one of my personal favorite Google penalty gurus to follow!- See more at:

Thanks and have a great day!



Lastly, but not least are my contributions.

I nominate:

Pauline Cabrera, Twelve Skip: Find Pauline on Twitter.

Pauline is one of my favorite because, I love her straightforward approach that is informational and educational. Many of her blogs where the inspiration for the evolvement of my blog. Pauline topics cover blogging, WordPress, SEO, marketing, social media, etc.

Her many list have helped me, like 25 Best Examples of About Me Pages. Check out my About Me page and tell me how I did.

She is one of my go-to bloggers when I need help with my website.


Regina Anaejionu, By Regina. Find Regina on Twitter.

Regina caught my attention on Pinterest. Her expertise with catching attention ultimately lead me to change how I was doing my blog images.

What kept me was her expertise on social media, product development, blogging, making money blogging, etc.

Check Regina’s many, many resources.


Honorable Mentions: These women business bloggers had been nominated in the first spotlight. And they both where nominated again, Kudos ladies. Since my goal was feature new suggestions, hence the honorable mention section.


Ann Smarty – Shobhna mentioned that she admires Ann’s work.

Gail Gardner was mentioned by other contributors.