What is your DRAMA? Manifest the Dynamic Person you are by being Receptive.

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Women have astonishing strengths. Manifesting that strength is truly amazing to see. Yet the one area that women typical avoid, is being receptive. Receptiveness in the form of the willingness or readiness to receive. Often they go as far as to undermine their own power. As much as we struggle with being receptive, the opposite […]

How to Assess, Obtain and Release Value Without Breaking the Bank

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Today’s Guest Author is: Sherri Henley; Founder and CEO, BOCI Speaker, Collaborative Leader, Social Media Intelligence Trainer Sherri is my 1st Guest Author in the 6 part series based on ‘The Go-Giver’.  Check the start of the series out here.   Sherri is taking on the Law of Value from ‘The Go-Giver.’ Facebook Goggle+ How to […]