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The Authenticity of Being Joyful!

Wyvonia Woods Harris
Today’s Guest Author is:

Wy Woods Harris; CEO and Founder of WysJoyFul Company, a Health Community Consultant.  She also has a  RN with a Master in Science and has a Masters of Divinity and Doctorate in Ministry.

Wy is my 2nd Guest Author in the 6 part series based on ‘The Go-Giver’.  Check the start of the series out here.   Today, Wy tells you the Law of Authenticity has such meaning in her life.  The Law of Authenticity from ‘The Go-Giver.’

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I enjoy living and learning to be a joyful giver!  I was very impressed when I first read the writings from Bob Burg’s The Go Giver.  When my friend, Gina L. Davis asked me to be a part of her Blog series and then followed it with the compliment that she felt that I was an authentic person, it started my writing flow.  This blog will focus on some events, experiences, environments and expectation of miracles that have occurred in various seasons of my living.

Where did you get that name?

I have been asked this question for as long as I can remember. I remember hearing my Mother say that when she was pregnant, the name was a suggestion from one of her friends. I still do not know where it came from but years ago when someone asked this question, I started to say, “my mom was in such a state, so she named me after two states. I would then say that the two states were Wyoming and California.  After I saw the smiles and giggles from one of my pediatric patients who kept telling people that I was two states, I kept using the statement to explain how to pronounce my name.

I like to say that I was born, brought forward and being blessed in Memphis.


Who is the most authentic person you have ever met?Mae and Mae Light poem copied21012012

Her name was Mae and she had a smile so wide, I secretly called her smile canyon.  She was also my mother.  She loved to laugh and make other people laugh, so she was great at exaggerating. She called me “girl” most of my life and since I was very precocious, sometimes it would be in different tones so that I knew when she meant for me to be quiet. She loved to sew, sing, and was one of the biggest givers I have ever known.  The last time I saw her, I saw the smile on her face the year before her death when I showed her my Certificate of Ordination into the Ministry. She kept every book, poem, gifts and even greeting cards that she was given.  She taught me with her actions the authenticity of being joyful.

Wy at MVBC-W with Mae's Robe from MT. ZionWhen Did You Discover Your Purpose?

When I said my first speech at church and listened to the cheers and claps, I felt like I wanted be a teacher. My family loved to sing and we have some great singers but I am not one of them.  But when I am able to present my dreams and visions and have someone say, “I see” I am in what I believe is God’s purpose for me.  Some of my greatest memories of giving was when I watched families taking care of sick and aged  patients in my 45 year career as a nurse.  These were examples of  what i call being joyful in the middle of their storms. It helped to strengthen my purpose even now as a caregiver.

What Do You Want To Leave As A Legacy?

I would like to be known as someone who gives because of her “fruit of the spirit” mission. When I started my business, WysJoyFul  Company, it was because of my experience as a nurse and a minister. In my role as a research nurse, I found that my business was to listen to what my patients said so that I would know what they needed.  I have not ever found anyone who does not want to be heard. The authenticity of any relationship is based on the nine fruit of the spirit  and how we give and take them.  I try to work with them in mind, so I sometimes will just stop and recite them. I still write them into many of the pages of my journal.  It is part of my joyful being to seek love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and  self control.

Why Do You Write?Celebrating Merceda's Joy2011

I enjoy bringing a page of words to life and relieving stress.  I started to write in diaries and journals very early in life.  When I started to write poems, it was a way to spend time alone and when I was in college one of my professors encouraged me to write while I studied.  I found this very relaxing.  I began to write poems for certain occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and even funerals.  I began to encourage my friends to write also.  In 2009, we suffered the loss of my niece and I suggested that our family and friends write letters to share how we were feeling.  My friend and I edited and published it so that I could use it in my grief workshops.  Some of the most joyful moments have come when someone tells me that the book, “Merceda’s Touch: Grace for The Grief” helped them move forward.  Writing is truly my most valuable gift that I have to offer.

Conclusion: This is my little story that explains my understanding of the Law of authenticity.
It is a poem that I wrote for my friend in the hospital in 2001: