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The Go-Giver book: A Introduction to a Six-Part Blog Series

Custom Growth Group's 'The Book Giveaway', Prize: (1) 'The Go-Giver', e 4/18/14.


I am an avid reader of books.  Since I am constantly trying to stretch myself as a person and business owner, I am looking for good personal & business development reads.   Recently at Business Over Coffee International -a local weekly business networking event- I was introduced to author Bob Burg.   At the meeting, he was talking about his book The Go-Giver   I really liked what he was saying, so I jumped out on SendoutCards into their Gift catalog and purchase this book.  Check it out here. Update: This book is no longer available through SendOutCards, find The Go-Giver on Amazon.

After I quickly devoured the book, finding the message so useful and inspirational!   The book outlines six laws that help us tap into the power of giving. An image formed immediately in my head of a six-part blog series, some of them taped for a vlog (video blog), others in written form.

But here is what I am really excited about!  I have invited four guests to be a part of this series. They will either take on a blog, based on a law from The Go-Giver or they will be interviewed, on just how they embody a law from The Go-Giver.

The blogs in this series will be released on the first of each month for the next 6 months.  Here is the breakdown and schedule for the next 6 months.

Blog’s based on ‘The Go-Giver Book’

Article 1

Author: Gina Davis, Custom Growth Group

Gina Davis reviews the book, The Go-Giver; Released in September 2013.


Article 2

Author: Sherri Henley; Founder and CEO, BOCI
Speaker, Collaborative Leader, Social Media Intelligence Trainer

Sherri Henley took on “The Law of Value”; Released the first week in October 2013.

Article 3

Interviewee: Dr. Kurt Price, Chiropractor and Health & Wellness Speaker, Owner of Arlington Family  Chiropractic Clinic & Arlington family Medical and Wellness Center

Dr. Kirk Price interviewed on “The Law of Compensation” is very informative; Released November 2013.

Article 4

Interviewee: Bruce Upchurch, Custom Home Builder, Owner of Bruce Upchurch Homes as well as a Motivational Speaker.

Bruce’s interview on “The Law of Influence” takes place in one of the homes, at the time he was building; Released February 2014 

Article 5

Author: Wyvonia Woods Harris RN, Master of Science, Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry.   She is owner of WysJoyFul Company, Health Community Consultant

Wy Woods Harris will be blogging on “The Law of Authenticity”; Released December 2013. 

Article 6

Author: Gina Davis; Follow-up & Building Better Relationship Expert, Owner of Custom Growth Group in partnership with SendOutCards

Gina Davis will be blogging on “The Law of Receptivity” (; released February 2014.

Now on to the first blog!  I look forward to seeing and hearing your comments about my series.

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